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பவித்ரம் (Pavithram)

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Namaskarams to everybody,

I would like to know how many types of pavithrams (made of dharba) are there? Is it necessary to wear pavithrams made of two grass (dharba) while performing auspicious poojas like Saraswathi, Ganesh, etc. at home? I know that we should wear pavithram made of three dharbas while performing Amavasai Dharpanams. And mostly, wearing pavithrams is concerned with gothrams?

I would be very grateful to everybody who can clarify these doubts.


suresh kumar
Thre are 3 kind of karmas namely auspicious karma, Pithru jkarma aparakarma.to the best of my knopwledge this has no relation to ghothram.use single dharba pavitham for apara karma, 2 dharba pavithram forSuba karm,as/kamya karmas, 3 dharba pavitram forPitru karma. In pithro karma the koorcham can of 3/5 dharbas
The Pavithram has the casity to protect us from the vibrations that we receive when doing rituals.

If you do big yaga with 16 Brahmans Srautha Soothram with a Brahman seated as Bramma, the bramma should wear Nava katcha and 18 Dharbha Pavithram. This is because if you chant a manthra with mistake, the brahman pose as brahma should not get angry.

This was told my my uncle, Goodaloore Ramachandran sastrigal who is 97 and now at Kumbhakonam
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