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நிறம் மாறாதவர்கள்

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நிறம் மாறாதவர்கள்

இன்றைய Times of India, Chennai ஒரு செய்தி The CM (Mr. Karunanidhi) also sought to give a caste hue to scam (2G of Raja) by asking "I(s there is one justice for Shudras and another for brahmins who develop their belly without performing any work". Though he was quoting from a poem by Subramania Bharathi,he was trying to contrast the the communities of Jayalalitha and Raja.

எங்கேயாவது ஊழல் அல்லது அநியாயம் நடந்து அதற்கு சரியான பதில் கொடுக்க முடியாவிட்டால் உடனே பிராமண த்வேஷம் ஆரம்பித்து விடுவது தான் இவரது வழக்கம் .கடந்த 50 வருடமாக நாற்காலியை பிடித்து தொந்தியை பெருக்கி கொள்ளு பேரன் வரை கோடி கோடி யாக பணம் சேர்த்து கொண்டு இருக்கும் தமிழ் பிராமணரை காட்டமுடியுமா ?

எதோ ஒரு அரசியல் வாதி தன்னை பிராமணர் என்று சொல்லிக்கொண்டு அதே சமுதாயதிற்கு துரோகம் செய்பவரை முன் உதாரணமாக கொண்டு ஒரு சமுதாயத்தை எப்போதும் எதற்கும் இழிவு படுத்து வதை நிறுத்தச வேண்டும்
DMK will never change. I have told its very essential that all tamils christians, hindus, muslims, jains, etc etc align themselves with congress. Only then there can be real justice and peace in TN.
பிராமண த்வேஷம்-They(DMK) have underlined hatred for TBs although in recent years they never tell this in open coz they want TB's votes to keep congress in check.
I find many treat congress as anti hindu party. its not true at all.
அநியாயம் will end with congress coming to power.
Anyways division b/w them will lead to their downfall. Alaigiri V/s stalin for future CM.
what happened to that case when alaigiri supporters stormed dinakaran office and killed 2 tamils for reporting that stalin will future cm. antha case amukkitanga.
police have become blood sucking in tamil nadu. taking justice in their own hands.
their brutality is well known. corruption is rampant and what not.
all dmk knows is to buy votes with 500 Rs notes secured from corruption scandals like 2G.
Political leaders are individuals with mass following. They can take the masses to heights of frenzy by their rabble rousing or channelise the combined energy for productive purposes. In politics these leaders always need an issue to catch the imagination of the masses. It can be the independence from the foreign yolk as in the case of Mahatma Gandhi or Garibi Hatao as in the case of Indira. What they ultimately deliver is besides the point. Lesser leaders like MK and Hitler and EVR use hatred as the rallying point. With Hitler it was the hatred for Jews, with MK and EVR it is the hatred of brahmins. MGR with all his charisma and hold over the masses never used hatred to win against his political rivals. If he had wanted he could have decimated the DMK by instigating the masses. He never did that because he was a good leader who knew his potential well. It is the misfortune of Tamils that we have leaders like MK (and EVR earlier) who, when pinned down on an issue would cry பார்ப்பனனின் சதி/அவாளுக்கு சாமானியன் வளர்வது பிடிக்காது etc..

Kalaignar will never change his colour. This is his real colour - BrahmaNa dvesham. When he is not able to answer to any point earnestly, he will take this caste weapon. It is a proof that if he talks about caste, this is his last asthram. There is a crowd for him which consists mainly 'kuLikkatha & Kudikkira' thamizhan. Whatever he says, this crowd will say 'Jay'. Jathi parkkum vishayaththil indha thalaivar will not leave even dogs and cats. 21st century is electronic yugam. Still he is able to talk this kind of nonsense.

அவரவர் இச்சையில் எவை எவை உற்றவை
அவை தருவித்தருள் பெருமாளே!
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