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நாவல் பழ வித்து

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நாவல் பழ வித்து

We conducted a study in Delhi in 1990s-

Equal Parts of நாவல் பழ வித்து --பாகல் காய் வித்து--மாம்பழ Koட்டை பருப்பு(inside the seed) -சர்க்கரை கொல்லி இலை-(Gud Maar)
along with சிலாசித்து treated in Triphala Decoction.

We took so many items,because we wanted to strictly follow an Ayurvedhic Regimen-

and administered to 80 Type-II Diabetes melitus patients with proper controls.Our observation was that there was a Statistically significant (p<001) reduction in both Fasting and Post-Prandial blood sugar (75 grams Glucose challenge)--ofcourse this is to be understood that there was NOT control of "Clinical Diabetes Syndrome"--it might help in controlling Hyper glycemia along with Oral Anti-Diabetics (Synergisic effect)and in due course probably reduce the dose of oral anti-diabetics drugs.It needed a seperate Clinical Trial to verify the hypothesis.I retired in 1997 and left for USA--so I do not know what happened subsequently.

"Hypoglycemic Effect of an Ayurvedic Compound"

V,N,Pandey,S.S.Rajagopalan**,D.P Choudry

(**Somayaji Subramanyam Rajagopalan)

Journal of Research in Ayurvedha and Siddha -Vol-XVI-(1-2)-(1995)--pages 1-14.

After almost 17 years I am surprised to see an article in The Hindu (News Paper)

The Hindu,Friday July 21 2006


SWEET OR SOUR: The Jamun fruit that is touted to control diabetes. - PHOTO: S. SIVA SARAVANAN
COIMBATORE: It may not match the stature of the mango as the king of fruits. One may even shun it for the purple stain it leaves on the tongue. But, the naval fruit (also called jamun or Indian black berry) is turning out to be more expensive than the mango at Rs.35 for just 250 gm. Reason? It is touted as a fruit that can control diabetes.
On that count, even the sweetest mango can leave a sour taste in diabetic's mouth while the sour jamun (eugenia jambolana) can be sweet news for diabetics keen on avoiding insulin shots. Ask any vendor on the city roads why the jamun costs so much and he will say: "good to control diabetes".
In June and July, jamun vendors make a killing in the shopping hubs of Coimbatore. "I make Rs.2,000 a day," says, M. Shivakumar, who makes brisk business on busy Cross Cut Road. No, he does not run a fruit stall. His five ft long and three ft wide pushcart has three varieties of the fruit, selling at a minimum of Rs.25 per 250 gm and a maximum of Rs.35.
The fruit is also sold at exclusive fruit and vegetable stalls. But, the ability of the vendors on the street to make brisk business that turns the focus on the Unique Selling Proposition of the fruit: controls diabetes.
Shivakumar says his day begins at 7 a.m. "We begin by removing even the slightly decomposed ones," he says. The flesh of the rejects is crushed and sold as jamun syrup. And, the seeds are the most sought after. They are powdered and sold to units producing alternative medicine such as ayurveda. "Many people come from Kerala to buy the seeds. According to Shivakumar, at least 10 kg of jamun is required to get one-and-a-half kg of jamun seed powder that costs Rs.400.

Diabetologists play it down. "It is no substitute for conventional treatment," says V. Rajendran, diabetologist. "There is no standardisation of dose; that 50 gm of jamun brings down the sugar level by so much per cent. Extensive studies have been done. It may help in controlling diabetes but only a much as much as high-fibre green". Dr. Rajendran asks: "Why look for a miracle cure and overdo (eating large quantity of jamun).

It is a very old story. (My granson says that "I am a Dinosaur)

Now I have a feeling --subject to experimental verification by some Young Scientists-that "NAAVAL" may be very rich-- like Acai Berry in USA --in Anthocyanins (Anti-Oxidants--"Rancidity"--"Free Radical"--"Lone pair of Electrons Theory) -) --what is said in The Hindu article as=> "Aversion" for the purple stain in the tongue--????!!!!"--that may help in the prevention of Heart Attacks and Stroke.Ofcourse FIRST =>it needs tobe established whether the purple colour is due to Anti-Oxidants --if so what are the Phyto -Chemicals ?--
SECOND=>a properly Statistically planned "Double Blind Clinical trial"
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