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தண்ணீ ப்ராப்ளம் - Not drining water

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தண்ணீ ப்ராப்ளம் - Not drining water

I have travelled several states in India and found none can come close to TN as for as consumption of alcohol irrespective of the time in a day. By keeping the poor people in a constant போதை , the politician can garner their votes and influence their lives and thoughts.

We know the shops are near temples and schools, and this is new development where they did it inside school and used the students stationary for the party.
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My thought process is going on like this after participating in some threads...

This looks very disturbing, I feel more civilized when I think of their drunkard state and family. I feel bad for being civilized which is the cause of their poor state. I feel definitely my religion and caste is the reason for their behaviour. I should not blame the government because this is effect of Hindu scriptures and brahminism. The only way is to join them, do a cut regularly, so that i can abolish the differences, and became a part of universal caste...
....... I should not blame the government because this is effect of Hindu scriptures and brahminism. The only way is to join them, do a cut regularly, so that i can abolish the differences, and became a part of universal caste...
Shri pvraman, with the decision you have taken, you are well on the path of "Spirit"uality... :)

May you become a bodhaisattva... err.. I meant to say, a truly realized soul...

In the meantime, pls accept this as my contribution to your noble efforts :

:popcorn: - one large cup of popcorn, as sidedish...
Dear Shri SJ,

Eventhough its a thought process, I welcome your contribution. You know my quest of 'spirit'uality is to lift myself upto the ever growing downtrodden people's this way of life. Already we don't have reservations. And everybody bashes our community for creating untouchables. The best solution offered is to do IC marriages to dilute brahmin's 'superiority complex' and join the main stream. Since, I wanted to offer another solution to get the same effect with the other part of the same downtrodden people. See, why should I be so arrogant to distance myself from the main stream. Our next century intellectuals will eventually put the blame on brahmin community for their acts. Who knows, many website forum also will pop up claiming to end the brahmin oppression of the last century. My G.G.son or daughter probably may think that we are indeed taught them to do like this. I am thinking about all these things. I am still thinking(!)....


spirits uplift spirits towards spirit 2 allity.may we bcome one spirit with many bodies aham brahmasmi,i am not the body but a spirit soul
Drink drinks drinks and drinks drink man. SomabAnam is supposed to enlighten the ordinary soul and it unifies the spirit and the Soul. Since the 'catalyst' is of spurious variety the spirit divorces the soul. The soul is left with a 'hangover' the medicine for which is another bout. And it goes on, so that the Alubhavargal are not disturbed from their business.
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