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சிலை மற்றும் cut out கலாசாரம்

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சிலை மற்றும் cut out கலாசாரம்

You will see these Flex poster of gigantic dimension all over Tamilnadu for any (No) reason specially when it involves any political or filmy personality I was under the impression this is mainly a கலாசாரம் perpetuated Dravidian Parties. Now I understand that it was not their exclusive tradition Shri Kamaraj had statue erected while he was alive I understand that was the first statue to be erected while a person was still alive among politicians Another CM of AP some Reddy (Sanjeevi I think) also had it. I hear that when Shri. Ramanuja left Melkot after his exile People wanted him not to leave Melkot and hence had a Statue of him erected there. It interesting to recollect that my பாட்டி refused to be photographed saying போட்டோ எடுத்தா ஆயுசு கொரஞ்சு போகும் in her time!! Jambu:confused:
The virus of this culture is spreading like cancer. Now it is in Lucknow. The Maya Of Mayavathi in erecting பூதாகார (Gigantic) சிலை of herself by herself ?for herself. 18 feet in Bronze! On the 117 Birthday of Dr.Ambedkar. Jambu:faint:
I am not sure what will be the result of this culture at the end of the செம் மோழி மாநாடு. When this happened decades back in Madurai there was a quantum leap in the population of statues in Madurai. MK has announced now "Genetic Heritage Gardens"in 5 distinct zones. Trying to reinvent the Sangam history (reinventing the wheel?) The problem here is that most of them are erected in busy Roads with out any concern for needs of expanding volume of traffic. These may not be like the statues of politicians which occupy the busy spots and are frequently remembered by the cadre by garlanding them and creating Traffic stand still for hours. பாவம They are left uncared for, till the next Manadu when they will get a face lift.

You will see Police men posted near the statues of political leaders 24 X 7 , 365 days! Now it is time for us to contain the population Statue by Schemes Like Family Planning. Of course the scheme successfully implemented By Shri. T.V. Antony.IAS (Adviser for To TN Government family welfare who took pride in introducing himself as Tubectomy Vasectomy Antony!) may not work here since people should be willing to be sterlized in their mind and not in reproductive systems which now every family is willing to undergo Jambu :argue:
BL Diary Business Line Page 9 dated July 5

Statue-tory affair

When it comes to political statute,it is hard to decide whether Uttara Pradesh or Tamil Nadu is the winner. On Saturday, Pranab Mukerjee flew all the way to Kumbakonam to inaugurate a bronze statue of late leader G.K.Moopanar. In congress eyes Periya Ayya as Moopanar was called, ranks big because he is only one the three leaders(Kamaraj and Sonia Gandhi being others) to turn down an offer to become Prime Minister! Jambu:yawn:
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I cannot forget the DMK conference that took place at Madurai in 1972 on a grand scale.
Nowadays, it has become common everywhere. But in those days, arrangements of that magnitude were unheard of.
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