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கோடாங்கி யார் இவர் ?

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In the southern districts he is very Popular Is he some one like பூம் பூம் மாட்டுகாரன் without மாடு . Jambu:eek:hwell:


Greetings. மாடு மிரண்டு ஓடி போனா , பூம் பூம் மாட்டுக்காரர் கோடாங்கி ஆக முடியாது....

The reason why people decide to donate votive
offerings is usually that they have a problem.
Then they consult a kodangi, a man who is able to
get possessed by the village gods. He beats an
hour-glass shaped drum, sings, and when the god
has descended on him he can be consulted as
oracle about what to do to gain the help of the
gods to solve the problem. The kodangi then
suggests which offering to make, and to which
god, and it is then ordered from the potter and
offered at the next festival. However, it is never
Aiyanar himself, who is consulted thus, because
people who are possessed by him are unable to
speak; they stand stock-still while tears run from
their eyes. Aiyanar is thus too powerful for
possession, so for divine guidance lesser gods
like Karuppaswami, a god always found in
Aiyanar temples, are invited to descend on the

Reference:- http://www.hindu.dk/1d/ar/Ai-Ai1200.pdf

Dear Raghy
Thank you for suggesting the link where I could get all the information I was seeking The question which were in mind ready to be posted, all answered even before asked for.Like கோடாங்கி suggesting the right way to solve their problems you have led me to correct link for information Your are more than கோடாங்கி.
Pranams Jambu:clap2:
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You are very welcome!


Dear Raghy

Two other names very popular with these people.காத்து & கருப்பு . I think they are செல்லபேர் for காத்தவராயன் & கருப்பணசாமி Is that so. If not யாரோ? இவர் யாரோ ? என்ன roleஒ? அறியேனே..... Jambu:pray2:
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