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குமரகுருபரரின் "சகலகலாவல்லிமாலை"

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Vaishnavaites regard Kovil as Srinagam, Malai as Thirumalai, Perumal as Kanchi Varadaraja Perumal, Kottai as Mel Kottai.

Similarly for Saivites, Sekkizhar lists the following.

Sekkizhar's Thiruthondar Puranam says as follows.

Thiru Naadu - Chozha Nadu

Thiru Nagaram - Thiruvaarur

Thirukkoottam - Sivanadiar assembly at Devasiriya Mandapam at Thyagarajaswami temple at Thiruvarur

திருநாடு சோழ நாடு
திருநகரம் திருவாரூர்
திருக்கூட்டம் தேவாசிரிய மண்டபத்தில் உள்ள சிவனடியார்கள்

Just by birth one can achieve `Mukthi' at Thiruvarur.

Of the Saiva Panniru Thirumurai, Thirumandiram is a philosophical work and was not sung with a particular place in mind.

Thiruvarur is the only place which has a song in all the remaining eleven Thirumuraigal.
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