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here it is. copied elsewhere from the net. attributed to malika badrinath.



Shredded coconut- 1 cup
Mashed jaggery- 1 1/2 cup
Cardamom powder- half spoon
Rice flour- 1 tbsp
Ghee- 1 tbsp


Fry the coconut in the ghee to a golden colour. Prepare jaggery syrup to a two thread consistency. Then add all the ingredients to it and cook for a minute stirring continuously. Then put off the fire and stir the mixture twice or thrice when it is still hot. When it is cooled a little, spread a little ghee on the palms and make small balls out of the mixture and place them on a plate. Thus finish all the mixture.
Thanks Kunjuppu sir,

Excellent recipe

You seems to be good cook

Please keep it up

All the best
Summer not only brings heat and sultry but also fond memories of vacations, visiting relative’s houses, mingling with the fellow age group etc. even though its not regular during childhood days we often visit paati's house.My paati used to make these kamarkuts. These were very chewy sweet balls of jaggery speckled with coconut bits. Wow, what a treat they are ! I still remember my face and arms stained with the jaggery melts and my eyes lit with the simple joyfulness when the balls melt in your mouth. Its soooo very chewy as to finish one marbled size ball it takes time for ever.
And this is the recipe ! Ingredients :
Jaggery – chopped and packed 1 cup
Water – as needed
very thinly sliced coconut – 2 T spoon


put jaggery in vessel and add water to it in additions of a T spoon at a time till all the jaggery is submerged in water. Stop adding water at this stage and heat it in medium low heat. When all the jaggery is melted carefully filter it in a tea filter to remove any dirt. Again take the filters liquid in the kadai and heat it in medium low. The syrup will start boiling with golden brown bubbles and its a delight to watch it. Check the syrup with a wooden spoon. For this take cold water in a shallow plate. Dip the wooden spoon into the hot syrup and hold it above the plate with water till a drop falls down. When you touch the syrup drop in the water it will feel like a soft ball. This is the right stage and now switch off the stove and take the kadai from the stove and plate it on the kitchen counter to cool down. Sprinkle the coconut slices and mix with the spoon. Watch carefully and when its warm to touch it is right time to shape them to marble sized balls. The tick syrup when scooped out will form thin strings but thats the funny part. With wet hands try to shape them into balls. But you know, when shaping after much effort if you could make it nearest to the shape of a marble you can’t resist but pop it in to your mouth. More than half of it went to our mouths before getting in to a container.......... hahaha

Old Memories

More than 100 members of our community met at our native village on May 1 and 2. We had rudrabhisekam at our village Sivan temple and Abhisekams at all other temples performed jointly by all members of our community.

The best part is May 1 evening we performed abhisekam to Lord Saneeswara Baghavan which use to perform in the olden days.Like Thirunallar, we have a east facing Saneeswara Baghavan Sannidhi in our village temple.

Thappalampuliyur - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Home (Thappalampuliyur)

It was a great experience after almost 35 to 40 years. In my school days I use to buy Kammarkat from the village petty shop. Let me try Kammarkat next year when I visit my village.

The greatest satisfaction is every body of my age group calling me by first name.

We have decided to meet annually every year.

Very nice time after several years.
kamarkat is sweet old school days...but if we try now...its not good as old...more kalapadam now... then we have to visit dentist soon...
now we are more delicate in dental protection....

Reg. cumer cut

Dear Friends,

Yaah it is available in Khadi Stores, just try. I used to buy for my kids (ofcourse, for me even, I like it) from Khadi shops in Ramnagar, Coimbatore.

Mission கம்மர் கட் (KK hear after) was a great success.Started exactly at 4 PM under the supervision of my Grand Daughter Dhanishta She had to be taken off her post since had lot of question to my wife distracting her from her assigned job in kitchen. I took charge of her warning that she should not fire embarrassing questions for which I may not have ready answers. Agreed I started the conversation. How you eat KK. I know I know easy Put in my mouth and bite. wrong You will break your teeth. Really? Not always but yes sometimes ?Then how do I eat? Lick . Lick? yes like குச்சி Ice Cream. What is குச்சி Ice Cream?Now I don"t have correct word of expression Tried this - Lolly Pop like Ice Cream. Oh candy. Yea You got it. Now she is at it again. Then Crows must be safe They don"t have Teeth!! You must toss few KK in the air I want to see the crows catching them in the air. OK we will do that.
Now the KK is ready. They are excellent in color consistency. Taste really great.She straight away licked 2 greatly enjoying in jiffy I do not know whether it was because of the taste or the way she liked to lick with great gurgle. May be a combination of both. She made her whole face messy with syrup etc and tried to wipe it with her frock laughing.
We could not enjoy since both me & my wife are on Insulin and had to be restrained with KK
This is what really worries me. She wants to take KK with her to boast about it among her friends and teach them how to lick it! I am sure she is bargaining for comments like this மதுரைக்கு போய் குட்டி செவராயிட்டே.Table manners எல்லாம்போச்சு Ghandha Gandha

... I am sure she is bargaining for comments like this மதுரைக்கு போய் குட்டி செவராயிட்டே.Table manners எல்லாம்போச்சு Ghandha Gandha

Dear Sir, I just envisioned the scenario from your descriptions and had a good feeling...!

The kammarkat is really becoming 'kewl' here... kewl kammar kat (KKK! not to be mistaken with the other...):rolleyes:

KK Mission 2 "Lollykut" Failed!!.On successful completion of 1st mission naturally I thought of an improved version of KK which is not messy but a product with original KK qualities and taste. I thought of putting a குச்சி to KK (some thing like lolly pop) named "Lollykut"( LK in short) . It was not an easy task to put a குச்சி into KK. after struggling for about 30 minutes and after many trials and errors finally was able to drill a small hole in the KK with help of கோணி ஊசி and put a tooth pick into it. Now the LK ready. Alas! Dhanishta is not impressed. Calls me a cheat for trying to fool her giving her a lolly pop with a new name instaed of KK (called பொய் கம்மர்கட்) She will not buy the suggestion that this is high tech new version KK. She says she would have KK only if is to be licked and no compromise in that and will have nothing to do with new avathar. Diet coke failed when it was put in the market after all people felt it as a cheap substitute to the original

I think the real fun in KK is in the way it is licked lapping the tongue making noises not mindful of being uncivilized & messy . I thought blending lolly pop wit kamarkut ( Lollykut) to have the best of both. But it turned to be பிள்ளயார் பிடிக்க குரங்கான கதை ! I give up No more innovation to real KK. Jambu:heh:
Last edited:
I mam trying to drag a photo :humble:of Dhanishta taken from files with whom I had the encounters
Jambu :playball:

a word of caution when using குச்சி.

poor quality wood has slivers which can easily embed inside the tongue or other parts of the mouth, and be very difficult or painful to take out.

take care in selecting the குச்சி. or better still use plastic.
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