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The Alagar festivals is on in Madurai from today starting with எதிர்சேவை A rousing welcome is Given to Kalalagar on his entry into Madurai People belive that his entry brings prosperity and today it rained for about 20 minutes between 3 & 4PM bring the temperature down by at least by 2 degrees I wonder if it is divine blessing as believed or due natural cause that play to bring the rains Jambu:eek:
we did cloud seedling will be rationalists retort or call it a coincidence.jambhu when punya athmas like you live in madurai,all the pancha bhoothas will do their natural work naturally.
I am The Son of The Holy Soil of Madurai.Now I am 51 yrs of age. Though I am a Native of Tirunelveli,I have been attending this Chithirai Festival for many years even before I settle in Madurai, since 1990.
I was Wondering that It will be raining at times of all Chithirai Thiruviza.
If it is a Rainy Season,no wonder in it.
But the same Thiruviza falls on Hot Summer prior to Agni Nakshatra.
In spite of it it will rain.
Nastiga Fools and all White Gown Fathers of Christianity never open their mouth regarding this.
Hindu Culture is always in Pride and Glory.
Chitirai Thiruviza is a Symbal of Tamil Culture.
Symbal of Shaivait/Vaishnavait Unity.
Dear Sirs :

Whenever it rains on such occasions, without doubt it reminds us that the alimighty is pleased and sending in his acknowledgement in the form of rains. The Alazgar Festival thus has received both the acknowlegement and the blessings from the divine..No doubts about that.


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