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எட்டுகால் பூச்சி ஜோசியம்

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எட்டுகால் பூச்சி ஜோசியம்

Paul the eight legged oracle correctly tipped Germany to beat Ghana and Australia earlier in the tournament in their group D matches. And proving that he is not just attracted by Germans flag correctly predicted a loss to Siberia. Even though born in England he also treacherously but correctly foretold Germany"s 4-1 victory. Paul"s forecast that Germany will beat Argentina was exact.He seems to beat our கிளி ஜோசியம் Any explanation for his capabilities? Jambu:spider:
Is it not the "Octopus" and not Spider?

Anyway, human beings are always interested to know what is in store for future. Any one or anything which can point the future with at least some amount of accuracy , is believed by people .

Whether it may be probability working or there must be a sure method for this , whatever may b, to hear about one's future , is always fascinating.

In our country, we are familiar with the parrot, lizard sounds, sakunam, Naadi Jothidam, the Horoscope casting and prediction, prasnam , poo ketti paarkal, kudu kudu paandi , crow's cry indicating guests or mail etc etc etc.

Other countries may be having other types of prediction methods, starting with "Head or Tail", cards,taro, crystal etc etc.

Let those believe in them believe it, otherwise let us sit back and enjoy, or break our head in analysis.
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Yes Paul is an octopus I did not know the Tamil equal to it and hence used பூச்சி which is wrong. In the smiles list crab was there I used which is again wrong . Let me have the Tamil name for octopus please :eek:hwell: Jambu பூச்சி I think is arthropods i.e. it should have 8 jointed legs to call it எடடு கால் பூச்சி .
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Paul picks up Spain. However all is not lost for coach Joachim and his boys, as Paul has been wrong before. In the European Championship in 2008 he had an 80% record, getting only one match wrong. Which One? The final against Spain will it repeat? Wait till Mid- night today Jambu:behindsofa:
Paul is great! Picks up right again! Thomas need not have any more doubts . The rationalist of this forum how do you challenge Paul Now? He seems to be a specialist in picking up right in foot ball and does it again and again In fact improving with every tournament Jambu:laser:
The threads relating to Astrology in this forum I haven seen getting responses running to pages. Chevva Dosham Kalasarpadosham etc have generated more heat than light Since I have no knowledge of these doshams(except Jaladosham) I did not enter the thread. Now this Paul"s Prediction all of us know is true. Why no discussions on this. Is it is because it is foreign ? any thing imported is fine? Have we all lost our steam? Or Paul has bulldozed us all? Jambu:heh:
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Paul was correct again on Saturday Germany was correctly picked up. In finals He is for Spain This will be known in few hours. Paul had only two choices to select the winner and eliminating the looser will he be able to predict draw also if that choice was also given Jambu:first:
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Now, Paul has done it, 100% success, his method must qualify as science, no? Can the Astrologers live up to the high standard Paul has set ;)
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