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ஆச்சாரப் பூனைகளும், இந்து சமூக சீர்திருத

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ஆச்சாரப் பூனைகளும், இந்து சமூக சீர்திருத

பிரிட்டிஷ் வளர்த்த ஆச்சாரப் பூனைகளும், இந்து சமூக சீர்திருத்தங்களும்
பற்றிய ஒரு சுருக்கமான சுருக்கெனும் கட்டுரை தமிழ் பேப்பரில் வந்துள்ளது.

ஆழி பெரிது-பாகம் 45

“’குழந்தைத் திருமணம் நடக்காவிட்டால் மாதம் மும்மாரி பெய்யாது, ஏனென்றால்
மழை பெய்வது கற்புக்கரசிகளுக்காகவே. ஒரு பெண் வயதுக்கு வரும் முன்னரே
அவளுக்கு ’இதுதான் உன் கணவன்’ எனக் காட்டிவிட வேண்டும். இல்லாவிட்டால்
அவள் மனம் மாசு பட்டுவிடும். அப்படி அலைபாயும் பெண், கற்புநிலை
தவறிவிடுகிறாள். பெண் கற்புநிலை தவறிவிட்டால் மழை பெய்யாது.’”

hi bliss,

long time no see. we miss your reformist posts here. come more often

the article on child widows, is painful to read. a 'must' read for anyone who thought that our ancestors were wise. greedy and manipulative, more likely.

i can only talk of tambrams. in every family there was a child widow i think. we had 4 mottai pattis in my extended household. the most pathetic one was my great aunt, married to a rich guy at 5 years, at 8 she was widowed and immediately head shaved and the whole disfigurement for the rest of her life.

she was a bitter lady, from whom, not one nice word ever came out. i used to wonder at one time, but now i wonder in a different way. how much she must have felt, especially in festive times, and she shunned to the dark corner of the house, always last to eat and always considered a burden.

i have always felt money was the root of all such evils. glad to read your article in tamilpaper.net

much as i dont like jawaharlal nehru as a whole, i think along with sharda, they did yeoman service to the hindu community in abolishing child marriage (sharda) and giving equal property rights to our girls (nehru). both were opposed by patel, rajendra prasad and their ilk.

best wishes.
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Our ancesters were very wise they knew the theory.They knew the result.They preached both.Alas! they have failed to tell the method by which they arrived at the result.Today we see lot of diverce,illegal marriages ,free adultary, murder on suspision of fidelity,.These are due to uncotrolled sexual urge of females.Now we think about ourselves only and we argue that sex is also an hungry like that of stomach.But in larger interest of society the child marriage were adopted in those days.There were reformists like Raja ram mohan rai who faught against it.It is true that wiser people and true reformist accepted and as stated by our friend only "Achara poonai kal resisted it.As an humble request don;t try to find fault with old practices because they suited their time.Are you laughing at people travelling by bullock cart because you have oppertunity to travel by air.
Hello Wrongan,
Well said on the practices suits to their times.
Whenever new practices enter there will be resistance.Take the case of singing before Mike(or Mic?) for Carnatic music singers there were hue and cry.Then slowly it tookover.This is just a case.It doesn't mean old practice was bad or so.It should be seen as improvement.If new introductions are not liked by people it will not stand against time.
....These are due to uncotrolled sexual urge of females.....
Are we living in Tamil Sanga period when people feared the Anangu power of females that had to be controlled? How can widows less than 1 year old be just wise practice of our ancestors for the benefit of society? Defending all this as simply benign peculiarities of a bygone era is what being traditional is? Well, well .....
dear wrongan,

re your post # 3,

first of all, it is not appropriate to compare travelling in bullock of those times. that was the only method of semi comfortable distance transportation, next to the jatka. ok? it has nothing to do with defiguring a woman.

as has already been discussed, the underlying issue was always money and male domination. it may be ok, but we cannot excuse brutality gloved in golden ideals. there were ideals. only brutality. you being a man, same as me, will never have had to go through such abuse, because of our gender.

atleast, we could have some empathy for those women of the milleniums. maybe you had no motta pattti in your house. which is why you talk of sexual urges of females? what is wrong with that? just because she is a widow at 3 she should have no sexual urges? you being an idiot man, can even at 70 deflower a teenage virgin? what type of morality are you talking about.

just for this alone, abuse of our women, i think, our ancestors were rapscallions and scoundrels. or heaven forbid, if it happens today, in your family, which i hope never happens, you would be the proud male/brother dragging by hair the widowed women, shouting obsceneties at her, m@#$dai, m&*(dai, and holding it for the barber's hear. prior to that ofcourse, another female, would have equally hysterically pulled off her thali chain and all the jewellery, to be carted to the 'caretaker'? go on sir, have some humanity!!
Welcome bliss 192. You are definitely very popular to score 3553 points in just 10 posts. No doubt the subject matter must have been of absorbing interest to select few. Your point-post ratio of 355 is way ahead of 3 to 6 of most.
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