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    In this forum, we have discussed the so-called "TB Culture.

    The participants are new but the discussion has not changed.


    Sangomji wrote:

    We all make tall and mostly nostalgic claims about culture, tradition and religion. All these have changed over time; we are like dry leaves floating in river water - the ever changing aspect of time. I think it is an essential part of human psychology to find some sort of peace in nostalgia.
    Kunjuppu wrote:

    which comes to another question. do we consider ourselves tamils first or brahmins first? the crux of our vision, may depend on how a majority of us view ourselves.

    let me emphasize, there are no right or wrong answers here. just discussions, as in the ultimte, each one of us will do, what is right for us, at that time and under that circumstances.

    for example, someone who crows over the rooftops about the wickedness of inter caste marriage, has been known to change his mind overnight when his daughter married a muslim. this is someone fairly intimately. so, the beauty of our psyche, is that none of what we hold today as true is permanent. for this too will change.

    let us carry on.. into the future.

    Sangomji wrote:
    "Brahmins" as defined by the purushasooktam hymn were most probably not indigenous to the dravidian society. Though there are terms like 'anthanar' or 'paarpanar' in old Tamil literature, imo, there is no conclusive evidence to equate those with the vedic brahmins; on the contrary scholars seem to think that these terms might have referred to the native seers, sages and mendicants - may be jain or may be entirely peculiar to the dravidian culture.

    What culture are we talking about?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raji Ram View Post
    Attracting youngsters??

    I remember what Krish Sir used to write often.

    He is active in another forum where youngsters seek his advice!

    They want elders to support live-in relationships.

    Most of us here, don't agree to such modern ideas.

    Which youngster wants to discuss Brahminism, politics or spirituality??

    So, this forum will neither suit nor attract them. ...
    Well, not all youngsters want to live together contrary to what Mr Krish44 may believe. At least a good number of Indian kids that I know in USA and elsewhere are quiet mature.

    Mr Krish44 holds views that may not be mainstream TB views (certainly according to my 'sparring partner' LOL - he may call me other names LOL)

    If this forum represents a 'culture', then can it attract the next generation (say 30 - 50) to get engaged. In its current make up it has not been able to do that.

    This speaks more about the current membership and their views & style than a TB culture (however that is defined)
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