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    Quote Originally Posted by Raji Ram View Post
    Attracting youngsters??

    I remember what Krish Sir used to write often.

    He is active in another forum where youngsters seek his advice!

    They want elders to support live-in relationships.

    Most of us here, don't agree to such modern ideas.

    Which youngster wants to discuss Brahminism, politics or spirituality??

    So, this forum will neither suit nor attract them. ...
    Well, not all youngsters want to live together contrary to what Mr Krish44 may believe. At least a good number of Indian kids that I know in USA and elsewhere are quiet mature.

    Mr Krish44 holds views that may not be mainstream TB views (certainly according to my 'sparring partner' LOL - he may call me other names LOL)

    If this forum represents a 'culture', then can it attract the next generation (say 30 - 50) to get engaged. In its current make up it has not been able to do that.

    This speaks more about the current membership and their views & style than a TB culture (however that is defined)
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