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    In Hinduism the highest and absolute God is called Brahman, who is without a beginning and without an end, who is beyond the mind and the senses, whose nature is bliss and oneness, who exists in all beings and in whom exists all.He is the paramatman or the transcendental Supreme self, the creator of all.

    He is with and without qualities.He initiates the process of creation by becoming nirguna Brahman or the Brahman with qualities.

    The Chandogya Upanishad equates Brahman with the all pervading Self in the following words.
    Truly what is called Brahman
    is the same as that space outside a person
    Truly that space which is outside a person is
    the same as that which is inside the person
    and that space which is inside a person is
    the same which is inside the heart.
    That is fullness. That is the unchanging.
    One who knows this
    invariably gains full prosperity and
    unwavering happiness


    The people who sell "modern" Hinduism are either ignorant or smart and just enriching themselves.
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    Raikva was a poor bullock cart driver, yet did not care for wealth and riches. He knew everything and that made him far richer than the rich.
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