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    'BRAHMINISM' and 'DRAVIDIANISM' are anachronisms in the current times.

    Both spirited and principled Brahmins and Dravidans are extinct species and no longer exist. They exist only naamke vaaste.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CHANDRU1849 View Post

    What is the reason for this? Bs are not ready to swim the current, right from the Vedic period.

    In the Vedic period, we lived under the mercy of Pshatriyas, subsequently switched to powerful people.

    We are not prepared to perform tough jobs, irrespective of nature, but always prefer white colour jobs, which is one of the reasons for drastic reduction in population, apart from lack of unity.

    Chandru Ji,

    The ground reality may be:

    There are Brahmins still do arduous nature of duty for their livelihood.

    To cite a few:

    There are reported to be nearly 50 Sulabh Shauchalyas (Public toilets) in Delhi and all of them are cleaned and looked after by Brahmins (This public institution was started by a Brahmin)

    There are number Brahmins reported to be working as coolies in Delhi Railway Station

    There are Brahmins Rickshaw pullers in Delhi

    There are lakhs of Brahmins who are respected once, now live as refugees in their own land (Jammu & Kashmir)

    In Andhra Pradesh, Brahmins are employed as domestic servants..etc etc

    And in most of the Udupi Hotels, it was Brahmins who served as cooks then and cooking in Hotels is definitely not a 'white collar' job.

    Source: http://www.rediff.com/news/2006/may/23franc.htm
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