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Thread: Think or sink!

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    Remember Cherry the all white kitty with a black tail?

    The latest addition in my son's family members?

    Kitty chased thatha!
    Thatha chased Kutty!
    Kutty chased the kitty!

    Well coming to the main story ( after the proper introduction of Cherry and the dynamic equilibrium it managed to maintain in the house), I was explaining to my grandson the idiom "Looking like something the cat had brought in during the night"

    It took a lot of explaining since he could not imagine a wild cat living outside the safety of a cosy home.

    And I got the gift of what a wild cat had managed to bring in to me during the night. I saw a half eaten bandicoot at my door step, on my door mat - the day after I landed in Coimbatore.

    As if the jetlag, the absence of the servant and the strain of setting up the house and kitchen were NOT enough for me, I got this surprise gift.

    The old lady across expected ME to clean up the mess.

    There are to maids employed exclusively to maintain the common areas .

    And I was hungry, angry, sleepy and high strung

    I said to myself, " I am not going to do the funeral service for bandicoot and and went into my house.

    Later on those maids cleaned up the bloody mess. I told them them to toss the doormat along with the dead bandicoot.

    As they say "NO good deed ever goes unpunished"

    My good deed deserving punishment was that I as the ONLY one who had laid out a door mat for the cat to sit on and eat in the cold winter!

    My grandson had a side splitting laughing session listening to this story
    I like happy people - even if they are happy at my expense!

    So no door mat now! Better to allow some dust/ dirt inside the house than
    find a bloody bandicoot at the doorstep - the first thing in the morning!

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