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'You're not a Hindu if you don't join RSS' says Hyderabad BJP legislator T Raja

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Known for his incendiary statements, BJP MLA from Goshamahal, Hyderabad, T Raja Singh was at it again in Neemuch when he said that those who do not go to RSS Shakha cannot be Hindus, angering the Congress which strongly condemned his statements.

Speaking at a dharma sabha organised as part of the Hindu Utsav Samiti in Neemuch on Sunday, Raja said every Hindu should join a RSS shakha. BJP MP Shakshi Maharaj was also present at the function.

"I request all of you to enrol yourself in nearest branch of RSS. Any Hindu who doesn't join RSS isn't a true Hindu and is thus incapable of serving our nation," said Raja Singh, to a large crowd gathered at his rally in MP's Neemuch district.

Raja said those who attended the shakha were nationalists and thought about the welfare of the country. “I do believe that those who do take part in a shakha can work for the betterment of the country and religion,” he said.

Shakshi Maharaj said there are various political organisations, and they may differ in their ideologies, but they are all made up of Hindus. “You might be angry with your MLA or MP, but do not punish Bharat Mata and Prime Minister Modi for it,” he said.

Youth Congress leader and farmer leader Ramesh Rajora criticised Raja and Shakshi Maharaj’s statements and said, “They do not have the right to say who is a Hindu and who is not. A person who is born in a Hindu family is a Hindu and they do not need a certificate from the RSS to prove it.”

Rajora also said that in the name of Hindu they were canvassing for the BJP and added, “Not even one percent of the Hindus attend RSS shakhas and these politicians are exaggerating the hold and influence of RSS among Hindus.”

Read more at: http://www.sify.com/news/you-re-not-a-hindu-if-you-don-t-join-rss-says-hyderabad-bjp-legislator-t-raja-news-national-schjhCieefcib.html
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