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Why South Indian Brahmins are intelligent?

Dear Sravna,

Kindly dont get me wrong.
I do understand Brahmins are intellectually inclined.

If we make a comparison with Chinese in my country.
They are very knowledge oriented.
Their Chinese medium schools are known to train students to think at every angle, result based and they are very good at maths.
At the same time they learn their own language and culture.

Many grow up to become succesful bussiness men, accountants and professionals.

Those who are Buddhist never fail to practice their daily prayers and they attend Dharma school on Sundays and also learn Vipasana meditation once a little older.

Then they learn musical instruments especially the piano( out here indians and chinese love their kids to play the piano, i myself play the piano, straight flute and harmonica)

Outwardly all these life style by Chinese is also similar to Brahmins.
Some who are strict Buddhist are vegan, no milk, no yogurt, no onion and garlic.

So my point is..why do you feel intellectual capacity is only the crest jewel of Brahmins as an added advantage?
You are right to say Brahmins are mostly intelligent..but as humans none of us can generalize and be attached to the idea that some by virtue of birth can see the bigger picture and others not so much able to see it or value it?

Isnt this a bit biased? Why this attachment to bodily functions?
Thinking and intellect is but a bodily function.
Analytical perception and intellectually inclined in many aspects is also seen in me( note..i am not bragging)..so how would feel about my intellect?
Would you feel i dont have the capability to " see" the " bigger picture"?

Honestly for me i dont even think there is any bigger picture or smaller picture..the intellect can be a boon and also a bane.

A boon as in it can help analysis and be helpful to society( like all those scientists who made Covid vaccine)..and at the same time the intellect can be a bane where one falls in love with its capabilities and rigid ideas and be totally divorced from gnosis( the art of knowing)

What say you?
I am open to constructive criticism, so you can give me a truly honest answer.
Usual post colonial arguments are being felt here. Downplaying genetics in intelligence while saying Brahmins have 'cultural capital' so reverse discrimination is justified.

Because most Indians can't comprehend the tangible relation of genetics and performance, it doesn't mean Colorado Adoption Studies don't exist.

Ashkenazim have 120 Nobels, we can't downplay culture and it's extension genetics playing a role there for unparalleled Jewish largesse.

Shuddadvaita and Vishishtadvaita scholars changed vehicles to law and pure science whole the cultural mooring remained the same. This led to a performance relative to others of such gaps that you literally had a political movement based on seethe and envy ruling TN.

Culture influences mating which influences performance. It's the reason Brahmins own half the startups in this country (hope cultural capital didn't play a role there). Unless one can explain to me how you have disproportionate high end professionals and engineers who are single handedly taking TBs to Upper Middle Class without taking into genetics then it simply vindicates my belief that outside of the community, Anti Brahminism has been in vogue since we'll never know when.
We cannot say culture doesnt play a role though that only is a part factor. There is an interplay of culture and genetics. They excel more at sattvic intelligence, creativity being close to it. They make very good advisors, bureaucrats, jobs requiring very original creativity etc. Others certainly do have a very important role to play in society excelling in other types of intelligence.
Here is another view about it but I alway respect the discpliness of brahminhttps://www.thehindu.com/opinion/%E2%80%98For-Tamil-Brahmans-caste-and-class-are-one-and-the-same-thing%E2%80%99/article62120133.ece

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