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Why does every religion need to follow some rituals?


The OP has written what appears to be the typical leftist/materialist viewpoint- looking at it in terms of power and nothing else. The fact of the matter is - a million tonnes of theory does not equal an ounce of practice. So what do you mean by rituals ? From a dharmic view point, you may mean nitya karma- which does not need any purohita- not for anyone who has got the yajnopaveeta. Naimittika karma may or may not need a purohita. So I am not sure what you mean by 'power' here.

Does the OP actually believe in the existence of anything beyond the material world ? If not, the rest of this post, as far as the OP is concerned- would be a waste of my time and words.

One who does not have a regular practice will not be able to understand the subtleties of the nitya/naimittika karma and sadhana and will be trapped and his knowledge restricted to books of people who people who themselves have never understood. Marx for example never understood Sanatana Dharma and wrote all his theory based on his knowledge of the Christian Church in Europe. Naturally, his predictions and theories have not amounted to much so far. They were based on a very limited understanding of history and an even more limited understanding of religion in general and human nature.

Our 'priests' are only required for helping or interceding with certain ceremonies. So for your daily sandhya vandanam, bali/vaishvadaivam, they are not needed. They are only needed for doing say a Ganapathy homa, where even a priest would need others to come and act as purohita when doing it at home. Alternatively, you can do the tantrika homa ( if you have the diksha) without the purohita.You can do a manasika homa/puja without any material or purohita at all..

If you lack the ability to concentrate or spend time on these things, you can give the "power of attorney" to a purohita to do japa, homa, deva-tarpana etc for you. They also help as acharya when you do not know how to do some things.

Our purohita are not the same as the mulla or the catholic priests or even a witch doctor. So a comparison just reveals a lack of proper understanding of our dharma. Our is an experiential dharma. Without the discipline and practice, one must rely entirely on krupa and purva janma punya for this.

Our dharma does not declare that anyone who does not approach our priest is doomed to eternal suffering or snything of the sort.

Posts like this reveal the reason that upanayana and spiritual practice was started at a very young age in our traditions. The body and mind were trained to be aware of more subtle things than that are seen in the material world by the physical senses. For one who has experienced, these questions/doubts/thoughts would not arise.


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Post#21 Written by a "worldly IGNORANT Brahmin".
The forum rule states very clearly that you do not make a personal attack on other members.
Brahmins account for less than 2% of the population.
Of those Brahmins, less than 10% are practicing the art of Brahminism.
Of those practicing Brahmins, less than 10% understand the significance.
The OP was for the 6 billion people, and may not apply for one individual with an avatar named Shyams.

One lingering question for the all-knowing medhavi who proclaimed that

For one who has experienced, these questions/doubts/thoughts would not arise.

Why are you in this forum? And reading the questions/doubts/thoughts of ordinary mortals?



Well- I wonder what part of my post can be considered "personal attack". As such you have yourself attacked me as a "worldly ignorant Brahmin", "medhavi" etc. Leave that- It does not matter to me. Ideas matter, people don't particularly on an anonymous internet forum.

So please ponder on a few points :

1. There is no such thing as "brahminism" - there is only dharma. This term was coined by certain leftists and others who want to destroy Hindu/Sanatana dharma using caste as a base, to separate the adherents of Dharma, and convert them to materialism or other faiths they are allied with. This is a term used by only brahmana dveshis and dharma dveshis. Why have you used this term ? Why are you on this forum if you believe that all our ancestors were charlatans who created rituals for getting power ?

2. Does this site have a readership of billions ? Can 6 billion people on this planet read and write. Facebook + Twitter + Google does not add up to 6 billion. So what is the point in attacking the faith of, and disparaging the characters of the ancestors, of all the Brahmins - both Tamil and others on this "tamilbrahmins.com" site ? There are enough people and political parties doing this in TN- why are you doing this on this site ? There are no people of other faiths who are likely to be reading this site- so why target these thoughts on this site ?

3. I have answered your question and refuted your argument. It is not an election. It only matters that I am right. Even if the number of Tamil brahmins who know this is right is just ONE, it doesnt change the right and wrong of things. Even if all the mice in Mesopotamia( as an example) believed that the moon was made of cheese, it would not make it right- would it? So of what relevance are the statistics about brahmana population?

I fully respect the Parabrahman in everyone and have general respect for everyone( and that definetely includes you)- but in the noble Vedic tradition which includes Tarka and Nyana, I do not respect or accept ideas which don't make sense. It is a brahmana's right and duty to fight ideas which are wrong and damage dharma.

Namah Paramatmikayai.
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