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why do we have time limits on editing posts?


Life is a dream
Staff member
This is to prevent members from going back and modifying posts and changing the crux of the discussions as it suits them.
The 60-minute time limit is too short. Also, we need to be able to delete a post.
I agree

Strictly speaking, the members are the owners of their content, I mean texts, substance, etc

The text are nothing but outcome of their mind's process of thought which is put in black and white.

One cannot ban the thought process becos the member who post thread may while seriously focusing on the subject, get new ideas, get new logic, principles, points, proof, which may add weightage for his arguments and may likely to add value to the thread also.

Why deprive such benefits by restricting the timings...?

I think, in the interest of providing texts with more content value, this restriction on timings may be relaxed or extended.

What is important is content value. If by relaxing the timings and if such act may improve and add information to the viewers, why not relax it....?

Do we need to be so rigid in maintaining original text of the member and not allowing him to modify it..?

I repeat it is the content value that is important.

And request that Forum owner may think about it and in the interest of the Forum, may relax the restriction on timings.

The Forum was functioning all through these years only without restriction of timings.

Why this sudden change...? Why not continue the old practice..?

What is important is to add content value of postings and make the Forum more lively and informative.


Life is a dream
Staff member
Just to clarify, ever since the forum was started we always had the time limit. And we always had the exact same time limit as we had now.
Just to clarify, ever since the forum was started we always had the time limit. And we always had the exact same time limit as we had now.

As owner of this Forum with erudite members, you know better to retain the glory of the Forum.

But in my opinion, imposing restrictions on timings to delete the postings can very well be relaxed.

Most of the members who post their thoughts, may prefer to have the script more informative and worth reading by others which may require few editing of original texts ... some thing like adding masala and spiciness to food items. In fact the first posting may at times, look like a draft requiring more

It is quality that matters. Of course, re-visiting, re-reading of original texts may give one more creative ideas which will certainly add value to the text/script. Writing postings with deadline of editing is something that prevents a strong posting which meet the essence of the thread...I mean which fits well with the topic.

You may think about it for the betterment of scripts from good to GREAT.
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Life is a dream
Staff member
Look at it this way.

For example, we both are discussing about a topic.
My replies to you and your replies to mine are on the basis of what each have posted.
Supposing 10 days later (or even 24 hours later) if i go back and edit my posts or even delete my posts, then the entire discussion will look like some gibberish.

This restriction is not something new. It has always been there ever since the first post was made.

There is no plans to relax this at any point in time.

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