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Why Do Indian Women Wear Bichhia (Toe Rings)?

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Why Do Indian Women Wear Bichhia (Toe Rings)?

There are various traditions followed in India like married Indian women wear toe rings. It is worn as a symbol of the married state by Hindu women. Is there any scientific reason behind it?

As per Indian tradition, married women are expected to wear silver made toe-rings on the second toe of both feet. Hence there is a custom in hindu wedding ceremony to wear toe rings.


The Science Behind Wearing Toe Rings

Acupressure is used in India since ancient time for good health. Medial plantar nerve is the one that runs through toes in the human body. Medial Planter communicates with the great and second toes. It connects to uetrus and then heart. Continuous pressure of the ring regulates the blood flow to the uterus and hence strengthens the uterus.

The elector-negativity in a healthy toe is about 25mV. At 50mV, body blood vessels dilate and pump raw building materials such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals into the damaged part of the body. To keep the body equally polarized its required to balance the polarity. Silver has a higher electro-negativity rate than the human body. It helps to balance the polarity of the body.

Reflexology also mentions about treating gynecological problems by massaging the second toe.

Physical Benefits of Wearing Toe Rings For Women

  • Most women have irregular periods due to stressful lifestyles. Wearing toe rings could solve menstrual problems for such women. The pressure to second toe helps regularizing Menstrual cycle of women.
  • Regular menstrual cycle helps a woman to make her healthy and conceive easily. Hence wearing toe rings increases the scope of conception.
  • Toe rings are always worn on both feet. This is to maintain a balance of energies. Medial plantar nerve that passes through the second toe and to uterus. So wearing the toe ring on both feet keeps the uterus balanced.
  • The constant friction on second toe revitalizes the productivity organs and keeps reproductive system balanced and healthy.
  • Wearing toe ring to the second toe contains sexual/erotic effect. In modern lifestyle, it may help married women to maintain a healthy sex life.
Physical Benefits of Wearing Toe Rings For Men

  • Some men frequently wear a ring on their toes as a style statement but it has a physical benefit also that toe rings can augment their masculine vigor.

Ancient Indians were very talented and smart. They included all these scientific things in the culture so that we can follow them in the name of tradition.



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  • Wearing toe ring to the second toe contains sexual/erotic effect. In modern lifestyle, it may help married women to maintain a healthy sex life.
This is the main reason why a toe ring is worn.

Anyway its needed only for those who actually need a boost in the sex drive.

BTW some females try to act prudish and fake being less interested in sex..for these types the would need to wear Head Phones of made of silver to stimulate their mind to be less prudish and less fake!LOL

Just a thought..if a female already has a very high sex drive would wearing toe rings make her a Nymphomaniac?

Also the toe ring having a sexual erotic effect can be used as a defence in cases of extra marital affairs.
The female can always claim that the toe ring over-stimulated her!LOL
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men can wear nose rings instead of toe rings.

will facilitate their dragging by the chains attached to the nose rings.

whether such a thing will have ant erotic effect is not known. Some like sex slaves.


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METTI IS CALLED TOE RINGS.....in olden days....the legs are more visible.....a symbol of married women.....even sometimes...

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