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Where do we learn Rudram/ Chamakam?

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i am senior citizen and put up in Chennai. I am also for the look out for the veda classes.
Anyone can help.
You can play a CD and kindly keep the book on hand and follow it up initially.
Rudram Chamakam etc needs special training; because accent has to be very
clear and notes have to be strictly followed wherever required.

CDs are available in Giri Trading Co Mylapore and one can a book and CD together.
Play it slowly and follow it for a couple of days and one can get conversed very easily.



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Dedicated to teaching Vedas

SERVICE Senior citizens benefit from Sarma Sastrigal's commitment.

Dedicated to teaching Vedas - The Hindu

Much is said about preserving the Vedas and Patasalas are started to initiate children into learning the same. It is a service that the teachers do with dedication. There are people who are making quiet contribution in this field. One such person is Sarma Sastrigal, who teaches Vedas to senior citizens on Sunday evenings. The group of a dozen learners assemble in his modest flat in West Mambalam and the house reverberates with their chanting.

One of the learners, a retired Government officer, said that Sarma Sastrigal taught the Vedas with phonetic exactitude uncorrupted by any interpolation. This is the way, he added, Vedas have been preserved from time immemorial in our country. Sarma Sastrigal, a performing priest in Chennai, said it was a portion from the Aruna Prasna from Yajur Veda, a chapter containing 133 paragraphs known as Surya Namaskar that he was teaching them at the moment. In a brief chat he highlighted the essence of teaching.

Are there rules to be followed in the recitation?

“Yes. Certain regulations and aspects known as varna, swara, and maatra must be observed,” said Sastrigal. “Impure intonation or wrong accent just cannot be brooked,” he emphasised

Can Vedas be learnt using cassettes or CDs?

Sastrigal ruled out learning through CDs. “Out of misplaced enthusiasm many try to learn Vedas by listening to recorded devices. Nothing can be more injurious. The learning of Vedas should be only from a guru. Mechanical devices cannot correct mistakes that one is sure to make initially without being even aware, and these will then become permanent.

Intonation and diction have deep meaning and even deeper vibratory effects, and should not be treated lightly,” he said.

Sastrigal is indeed doing yeoman service by fulfilling the desire of senior citizens, who in their twilight years wish to get acquainted with a precious slice of our heritage. He teaches young beginners too and can be reached at 94443 80973.
While it is ideal and apt to learn Vedic chanting from a learned guru, when there is no guru available , there is nothing wrong in using recorded CD to learn chanting the Veda mantras.One should take care to see whether the rendition is done by a vedic scholar and recording is of good quality.If it is Sri Rudram ,take one anuvaga at a time and listen a number of times and repeat word by word five to six times and even more till we get the same swara,matra and pronunciation as the scholars rendition.There are 11 anuvagas in Sri Rudram, and to learn by heart in a correct of chanting all the 11 anuvagas, it may take about a year or so depending on the seriousness and involvement of the learner.While learning a new anuvaga, the previous anuvaga should be repeated to get continuity.

Veda class

Even I am looking for a help on this.

If you are in Chennai Veda class is being conducted free (Yes No monthly or annual fees) at the following

Shri Krishna Gana Sabha Every Saturday and Sunday 6.30am - 7.30am

Murugasramam Mon,Wed, Thursdays 6.30am - 7.00 am

Pilliar Temple at the junction
of Murthy Street and 7th Avenue
West Mambalam-Ashoknagar Mon, Wed, Friday 4-5 PM for seniors
5-5.30 pm for boys below 12yrs
for more details contact Vasudevan 9444034917, Saipremiji in person, OR BALASUBRAMANIAN 24741528.
No amount audio will help than learning from a guru.
Veda class

please go to

type saipremi, salem vasudevan in google search.
you will get sandhai for Rudram, upanishad, Mahanarayana upanishad etc

posted by me. but learn from a guru in person.
If anyone looking courses in the following topics, please drop me a note
1.Valmiki Ramayana
1b Valmiki Ramayana sundara kaanda alone
2. Bagavath geetha
3. Srimad bhagavatham
4. 18 puranas/ Hari vamsa
5. Naama siddhantham
6. Narayaneeyam
7. sahasranama basyams etc.
If anyone is interested to learn Vedam (Suktham , Rudram , Chamakam , etc.,) , I am willing to teach online over skype.. We can have classes two-three times a week on a convenient time. Interested can drop a mail to me [email protected]
This is Ayushya Suktham. If you read it daily, no one will become sick. Even for
people, who are sick, to recover from illness also, this can be read.
1. Yo brahma brahmana ujjabhara pranaih sirah kruttivasah pinaki
Isano devah sa na ayurdadhatu tasmai juhomi havisha ghrutena..
2 Vibrajamanah sarirasya madhyatrocamano gharma rucirya aagat
samrutyupasa napanudya ghoran ihayusheno ghruta mattu devah.
3 Bhramha jyotir bhrahmapatnishu garbham yamadadhat puru
rupam jayantam suvarnarambha grahamarka marcyam tamayushe vardhayamo ghrutena..
4 Shriyam lakshmi maubala mambikam gam shashtim ca yaamindrasenetyudahuh
tam vidyam brhamayonigum sarupa mihayushe tarpayamo ghrutena.
5 Daakshayanyah sarvayonyah sa yonyah sahasraso visvarupa
virupa sasunavah sapatayah sayuthya ayusheno ghrutamidam jushantam.
6 Divyaganah bahurupa puranah ayuschido nah pramathnantuviran
tebhyo juhomi bahudha ghrutena manah prajagum ririsho mo ta viran.
7 Ekah purastat ya idam babhuva yato babhuva bhuvanasya gopah yamapyeti bhuvanagum samparayae sa no havir ghrutamihayushe attu devah!
8 Vasun rudran adityan marutotha sadhyan yakshan gandharvagumscangiraso sarvan ghrutagum hutva svayushya mahayama sasvat.
9 Vishno tvam antamas sarma yaccha sahantya Vratedharaa madhuscyuta utsam duhrate akshitam.

Sanskrit Version

यो ब्रह्मा ब्रह्मण उज्जहार प्राणैः शिरः कृत्तिवासाः पिनाकी। ईशानो देवः स न आयुर्दधातु तस्मै जुहोमि हविषा घृतेन ॥१॥

विभ्राजमानः सरिरस्यमध्याद्रोचमानो घर्मरुचिर्य आगात्। स मृत्युपाशानपनुद्य घोरानिहायुषेणो घृतमत्तु देवः ॥२॥

ब्रह्मज्योतिर्ब्रह्मपत्नीषु गर्भं यमादधात् पुरुरूपं जयन्तम्। सुवर्णरंभग्रहमर्कमर्च्यं तमायुषे वर्धयामो घृतेन ॥३॥
श्रियं लक्ष्मीमौबलामंबिकां गां षष्टीं च यामिन्द्रसेनेत्युदाहुः। तां विद्यां ब्रह्मयोनिं सरूपामिहायुषे तर्पयामो घृतेन ॥४॥

दाक्षायण्यः सर्वयोन्यः स योन्यः सहस्रशो विश्वरूपा विरूपाः । ससूनवः सपतयः सयूथ्या आयुषेणो घृतमिदं जुषन्ताम् ॥५॥

दिव्या गणा बहुरूपाः पुराणा आयुश्छिदो नः प्रमथ्नन्तु वीरान्। तेभ्यो जुहोमि बहुधा घृतेन मा नः प्रजां रीरिषो मोत वीरान्॥६॥

एकः पुरस्तात् य इदं बभूव यतो बभूव भुवनस्य गोपाः। यमप्येति भुवनं सांपराये स नो हविर्घृतमिहायुषेत्तु देवः ॥७॥

वसून् रुद्रानादित्यान् मरुतोऽथ साध्यान् ऋभून् यक्षान् गन्धर्वांश्च पितॄंश्च विश्वान्। भृगून् सर्पांश्चाङ्गिरसोऽथ सर्वान् घृतं हुत्वा स्वायुष्या महयाम शश्वत्॥८॥
विष्णो त्वं नो अन्तमश्शर्मयच्छसहन्त्य । प्रतेधारा मधुश्च्युत उथ्सं दुह्रते अक्षितम्॥
ऊँ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः
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The following are few Sukthas, which are very important for day to day life.
Particularly, those marked below [..:..] are available in an audio format and for sale at http://raaga.com,
in particular, Veda Suktam by M. Ramani Sastrigal Vol 1, Vol 2 (1998),
Rigveda - Vol 1 through 4 (2004) chanted byV. Raghavendra SharmaVol 1,Vol 2,Vol 3, andVol 4
  • From Rigveda
    • aa no bhadraa suukta
    • aayushya suukta
    • aghamarshhaNa suukta
    • Agni Suktam [09:11]
    • akshiibhyam te suukta
    • Alakshmee Naashana Suktam [01:18]
    • Ambhrnee Suktam [02:33]
    • Anna Suktam [14:49]
    • Apratiratham,
    • Baliththaa Suktam [01:42]....................10
    • Bhagya Suktam [02:07]
    • bhUsUkta
    • Brahma,
    • Brahmanaagni Suktam [01:20]
    • Brahmanaspati,
    • Dasa Shanti
    • devIsukta
    • Dhruva Suktam [02:32]
    • Durgasuktam
    • duurvaa suukta...................................20
    • Ganapathy Suktam [18:48]
    • Gharma Suktam [02:50]
    • Ghosashanthi
    • Gnana Suktam [03:32]
    • Go Suktam [02:45]
    • Hiranyagarbha Suktam [03:10]
    • Keshee Suktam [01:42]
    • Kumara,
    • Manyu Suktam [04:30]
    • Manyu Suktam [07:18].........................30
    • medha suukta
    • mruttikaa suukta
    • Nakshatra Suktam [10:04]
    • nArAyaNasUkta
    • nAsadIya sUkta
    • Nashta Dravya Prapti Suktam [01:51]
    • Nathamamhona Suktam [02:12]
    • Navagraha Mantraha [08:42]
    • niiLaa suukta
    • Oshadhi Suktam [05:25].......................40
    • Pancha Suktam
    • Panchashanthi
    • Patanga Suktam [01:15]
    • Pavamaana Suktam [02:50]
    • Purusha Suktam [03:53]
    • Raja Yakshma Naashana Suktam [01:40]
    • Rakshogna Suktam [10:16]
    • Rathree Suktam [01:34]
    • Rishabha Suktam [01:24]
    • roganirvaaNa suukta.............................50
    • Rudra Suktam [11:39]
    • sa.nGYAnasUkta
    • Samudra Suktam [03:28]
    • sarasvatii suukta
    • Saraswathi Suktam [09:50]
    • Sarpa,
    • Shanti Mantraha [22:27]
    • shrI sUkta
    • Sowra Suktam [14:00]
    • Sraddha Suktam [01:26]........................60
    • Srisuktam
    • trisuparNa mantra
    • Vaastu Suktam [01:38]
    • Vaayu Suktam [01:24]
    • Varunasuktam
    • Vishnu Suktam1 [11:17]
    • Vishnu Suktam2 [00:44]
    • Viswakarma Suktam [03:52]
    • Vivaha Mantraha [11:46]
    • Yakshma Naashana Suktam [01:44].........70
  • (From mahaanaaraayaNopanishhat)
    • duurvaa suukta
    • mruttikaa suukta
    • aghamarshhaNa suukta
    • trisuparNa mantra (to be chanted during serving of food)


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Sir, There are some mantras chanted before taking food, like Chapter 15 of Gita. There is one more which reads as under :

" ஹரிர் தாதா ஹரிர் போக்தா ஹரிரன்னம் ப்ரஜாபதி:!
ஹரி : சர்வசரீரஸ்தோ புங்க்தே போஜயதே ஹரி: !!

Where do we find this one ? Can anyone help ? Thanks.


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Sir, There are some mantras chanted before taking food, like Chapter 15 of Gita. There is one more which reads as under :

" ஹரிர் தாதா ஹரிர் போக்தா ஹரிரன்னம் ப்ரஜாபதி:!
ஹரி : சர்வசரீரஸ்தோ புங்க்தே போஜயதே ஹரி: !!

Where do we find this one ? Can anyone help ? Thanks.

I have no idea from which text this shloka is from but it is generally chanted before food..I have pasted the romanized and Sanskrit version below for the benefit of those who cant read Tamil.

हर्रि दाता हर्रि भोक्ता हर्रि अन्नं प्रजापति |
हर्रि: सर्व शरीरस्थो भोक्ते भुज्यते हरी: ||
Harir Data Harir Bhokta Harirannam Prajapati |
Harir Sarva Sarirasto Bhunkte Bhojayate Hari ||
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[h=3][/h]‎There are CDs available in the market. While playing the CD, one can refer
to the book, so as to follow the correct accent and pronunciation.

One can listen to Rudram, Chamakam, Purusha Suktam, Sri Suktam, etc.
can also be free downloaded. You may have to find out the site for it.

This is triggered from a personal need.. While I see some sloka calsses for the kids and many ladies organize themselves to learn things like Narayneeyam, Soundaryalahari and so on. I have been seacrhing for help to learn Rudram/ Chamakam etc.. Do we have some help on these please

If you contact the Manager Ayodhya Mandapam, T Nagar, you will get the address where classes are
conducted. If I am correct, earlier someone in Chromepet was doing.
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