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Whats in a Name?

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I got this from a friend of mine recently..

Doctor -- Vaidyanathan
Dentist -- Pallavan
Lawyer -- Kesavan
North Indian Lawyer -- Panjabakesan
Financier -- Dhanasekaran
Cardiologist -- Irudhayaraj
Pediatrist -- Kuzhandaisamy
Psychiatrist -- Mano
Sex Therapist -- Kamadevan
Marriage Counselor -- Kalyanasundaram
Ophthalmologist --Kannayiram
ENT Specialist -- Neelakandan
Diabetologist -- Sakkarapani
Nutritionist -- Arogyasamy
Hypnotist -- Sokkalingam
Mentalist -- Budhisikamani
Exorcist -- Maatruboodham
Magician -- Mayandi
Builder -- Sengalvarayan
Painter -- Chitraguptan
Meteorologist -- Kaarmegam
Agriculturist -- Pachaiyappan
Horticulturist -- Pushpavanam
Landscaper -- Bhuminathan
Barber -- Kondaiappan
Beggar -- Pichai
Bartender -- Madhusudhan
Alcoholic -- Kallapiraan
Exhibitionist -- Ambalavaanan
Fiction writer -- Naavalan
Makeup Man -- Singaram
Milk Man -- Paul Raj
Dairy Farmer -- Pasupathi
Dog Groomer -- Naayagan
Snake Charmer -- Nagamurthi
Mountain Climber -- Yezhumalai
Javelin Thrower -- Velayudam
Polevaulter -- Thaandavarayan
Weight Lifter -- Balaraman
Sumo Wrestler -- Gundu Rao
Karate Expert -- Kailaasam
Kick Boxer -- Ethiraj
Batsman -- Dhandiappan
Bowler -- Balaji
Spin Bowler -- Thirupathi
Female Spin Bowler -- Thirupura Sundari
Driver -- Sarathy
Attentive Driver -- Parthasarathy

what a great and meaningful collection, Sri Sabesan.
Are there names for crooks, trouble makers, fault finders, objectioners Sri Sabesan.
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A joke in some old tamil drama:

A rich man (with not much English knowledge) was interviewing a candidate for appointing as his private secretary.But he wanted to saisfy his ego by trying to belittle the candidate.

Question: Say one word equivalent to ; an unmarried woman standing downstairs?

answer "---!!!--'

Interviewer 'Ha Ha, nowadays even educated persons don't know English.The correct answer is "misunderstanding" '

Fault finders can be Kuttaleeswaran, in TN objectioners are usually Nakkeeran - is there a need for a better name!:D
Shri Sabesanji, SAIRAM. quite good. We may add some more : Priest - Vedaraman, Flutist - Venugopalan, Diamond Merchant - ManiRathnam, Jeweller - Thangaraj, Burgler - Udaiyappan. Thanks for sending copies of my articles pazhutha ilaiyum pachai ilaiyum to your relatives. :yo:
my blog : http:/nampakkam.blogspot.com
V. Ramaswamy (Nagai Ramaswamy)
All in the names!

It was the first day, so, as the custom was, the teacher wanted to know the names of the boys his class was comprised of. He went to a boy sitting on the first row and asked, "What's your name?"

"Azhagu, Sir", came the reply.
"Your father's name?" "Azhagappan, Sir."

The teacher was mildly surprised. He moved on to the next student.
"Your name?" "Pazhani, Sir."
"Father's name?" "Pazhaniappan, Sir."

His surprise increasing, the teacher moved on to the third boy.
"Your name?" "Durai, Sir."
"Your father's name is not Duraiyappan, I hope?"
"No, Sir. It's AppAdurai."

"You have brothers?"
"Yes Sir, three. My aNNA--elder brother, is called ANNAdurai."
"And the others?"
"I have thambi--younger brother, named Thambidurai, Sir; and then there is our little brother, five years old. He can't talk or hear. His name is Oomaidurai, Sir."

"Why is your name alone just Durai?"
"Becaus I am the shortest in the family, Sir."

Amuzed, the teacher prompted, "I think I can guess the name of your native place. Is it not Madurai?"
"No Sir, MAnAmadurai."

The teacher's initial reaction was that the boys might be trying to fool him, but then he saw that the expressions in the faces of the three boys were serious and obedient. He decided to ask the boys at random, and chose a boy in the middle row.

"Your name?" "GaNapati, Sir."
"Father's name?" "Sundaresan, Sir."

The teacher smiled and said, "Let me guess your mother's name. Is it MeenAkShi?"
"epDi sAr teriyum--How do you know it, Sir?"

"Right, let me guess further. You have a younger brother?" "Yes, Sir."
"His name is SubramaNyan?" "No, Sir."
"KArthikeyan?" "No, Sir."
"Arumugham?" "No, Sir."
"Then it should be just Murugan, right?" "No, Sir."
"What on earth is his name then?" "MayilvAhanan, Sir."

Turning away from him, the teacher spotted a Christian boy in the next row, a small cross on a string plainly visible under his shirt. This time he decided to reverse the order of his asking.

"You are a Christian, I see. Your father's name?" "John, Sir."
"And your name?" "Johnson, Sir."

With that, the teacher stopped asked further names!
NiceSri Saidevo,
I enjoyed the jokes.

Though posted as jokes here, these are real life experiences ,in many
occasions. Having spent some time in villages ,in TN and other states, ,I have come across similar situations, which for the uninitiated gives opportunity to have enjoyable chance to retell.

Once , when we were discussing about the "Naadi Jotsyam", I raised a doubt as to how a non-Indian name will find its place in the old "Edu"( palmleaf writing). Immediately my friend said that a John's name was indicated as "Muzhathil paathi"-(half a muzham.)

Muzham is a measure of length, and half of it is called "Chaan"

John ,when pronounced is similar to "Chaan".

I could not but enjoy the joke and presence of mid of my friend.

I expect more clean and unhurting jokes and situations from you.

saudi arabia refuses pak ambassador cos of his name

Owing to an unfortunate matter of translation, Pakistani diplomat Akbar Zebwill not become the next Pakistani ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

Mr Zeb's credentials are impressive: he is the former envoy to the United States, India, South Africa and Canada. But despite his impressive career, his name proved to be an immovable hurdle.

When translated into Arabic, it means "Large penis". In a region that stresses modesty in public, this could not stand.

Akbar is a customary Muslim name meaning "great", and while Zeb is not an uncommon Pakistani name, in Arabic it is a slang reference to the penis and never used in polite conversation. Obviously the diplomat's Arab hosts felt that references to "His Excellency the Big Dick" would not go over well.

Someone would make my day if they translated his (presumably long-suffering) wife's name ("Incontinentia Buttocks") to Arabic.
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