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What Is Happening To Domestic Airliners?


Well-known member
Every day one finds Ads offering huge discounted sales on every domestic airline specially Metro routes.

There seems to be a huge capacity in all airlines with cut throat competition to fill the seats.

It is difficult to distinguish between budget carriers and full service ones for domestic travel.

Air Travellers never had it so good .

If one can fly from one end of the country to another in about thousand rupees if booked in advance of three weeks or so it is not a bad proposition.

Yet closer to journey date if one were to book the same fares are made enormously costly.

Irrespective of dates, the taxes such as user development fee etc remain the same.

On cancellation of ticket or rescheduling one loses enormously.

Many times flights get combined leading to air passengers much inconvenience and increased wait at airports for the flights.

Worst is when after boarding one is made to wait for take off or off loaded again due to last minute snags.

In this season , the turbulence makes one feel sick and one prays for safe journey.


Well-known member
What bothers me is whether there is a cartel fixing airfares near the journey dates.

Airindia with a good share of the market fixes its fares.

The budget airlines track airindia fares and fixes their fares couple of hundreds less and schedules its departure time half hour or so before airindia flight.

These budget airlines jack up the fares minutes after air india changes the airfare.

The other full fare airlines also follow airindia to fix their fares.

The ultimate loser is the air travelor.

Most airline have a load factor of 70% or so.and most do not fly full capacity.

Domestic airline do not endorse their ticket to any other airline. So one is stuck with them if the flight is delayed due to any reason.Many times they combine two flights to

make up for low booking. It is always the travellor who suffers.

Since one can demand refunds for delays, the delay is announced in installments so that they do not have to refund for flight delays


Well-known member

i booked indigo from chennai to ahmedabad for november....its very cheap as compared to jet airways,,,,cheaper than railway

first class....its benefit for air travellers..