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What If Everything You Know About Depression Was Wrong?



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I just came across this video and shared it but I feel many in the Medical Community are giving Contrary opinions on this and I will read more later on this and share also the Counter opinions but what he speaks does make sense .


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It can be summarized to :

1) finding the causative factor that causes anxiety and depression.

Well..this same principle can be applied to anything in this world..for any illness.

For eg type 2 Diabestes is becos of mismatched ratio of insulin production and its usage.

So correct the ratio by life style changes and we might not need even medications.

Next..a job..if the environment is making us depressed..get a new job.

Marriage..if a spouse making life hard..get a divorce.

Well...its basically finding causative factors and eleminating these factors...seems easy right?

Heck NO !

Each person who is depressed or anxious knows what is causing him/her depression and anxiety but sometimes one cant escape the situation.

For eg sometimes aging parents can become a great source of stress but we have to deal with them.
We cant run away from it.

Then finance..financial problems can even lead to suicide as seen so often in India when farmers face losses.

The mind knows money is the causative factor but it cant cope hence suicide.

Then loneliness...it need not be isolation but not having anyone to connect with in the real sense can be depressing...seen in old age..we assume that for an elderly person a grandchild or some sat sang bhajan group should make them happy...but does it?

Not always.

And its not always unmet desires that lead to depression..in fact many depressed people hardly have many desires...sometimes they just dont fit into a dog eat dog world.

Mostly its those who are driven..full of desires..selfish..competitive etc that seldom get depressed becos they lack a heart.

Quite a sizeable amount of easily depressed people are emphatic and compassionate too and are able to help others yet helpless for themselves.

Depression is very hard to understand.
Its multifactorial and multidimensional..with each case differing from the other.

Its easier to treat cancer than to treat depression becos malignant cells either respond to treatment or they dont but depression?
The mind keeps changing its modus operandi..a challenge both for the doctor and the patient.

At the end of the day its still a mystery as what is truly the underlying cause of depression....some are linked to mood disorders like Bipolar..Cyclothymic..Dysthmic etc.

Its a whole range of spectrum out there.
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Depression is such that in many afected individuals, they are not even aware that they are depressed. After suffering for long they realise by chance when someone tells them. Then the reasons are looked into.

The first help for a patient would be to meet someone who tells him/her that he/she is depressed.
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