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Waking up Mamas Mamis, and Thathas & Pattis' with a controversial topic :-)

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Dear Krish ji,

Let me explain a little bit more...Ok you are right that affairs happen..thats no doubt about that..there is no planning there but after the affair starts that is where planning begins so that one can balance both worlds.That is the planning I was talking about.I hope its clearer now.

Usually males are not that good at multitasking and end up being caught!LOL

cos partly the male has an ego that makes him feel that he is entitled to sow his seeds in a suitable field(Kshetra) and he feels he is the knower of each field (Kshetrajna)

Further more society does not really label males that much and a cheating male is still considered a stud and people might actually blame the wife for not being a good enough wife or a nagging wife and that lead her "poor" husband have an affair...or a wife who does not share his passion or interest in life or who is not his intellectual equal.. what I call the Sindhu Bhairavi Syndrome.

All these makes a male sort of lax in maintaining proper firewall and security in his marriage and extra marital liaisons and he ends up getting caught and faces consequences.

Now coming to females..females are expert at multitasking cos a female is wired to be a mother too.

A female also knows that society will view her harshly if she is caught having an extra marital affair and she knows that she will be called a B***h.

A husband will never be blamed if a wife has an affair..everyone will only blame a woman.

So becos of this females are extra careful when having extra marital affairs and take all precautions to prevent an unwanted pregnancy and STD/HIV.

So far among the adulterer patients I have treated for STD..mostly they are males cos as I mentioned earlier they tend to take things lightly cos of lack of society pressure on males when it comes to code of morals.

The female adulterers on the other hand are discreet and manage well and can even ditch their part time lovers anytime if they fear their husbands might get a whiff.

So you see somehow females are better in planning than males!LOL
you are wasting too much time analysing and need for planning in extra marital affair

something amateurish.

affairs are casually had. no one including ladies .

really plans. it is only a one night stand. it is a relationship without a future.

after a couple of transactions one normally lays off unless on wants to get hurt or cause damage to oneself or the lady

in a relationship. it is only a friendship with a bit of sex thrown in.usually it is protected sex.it is as harmless as flirting

it is sensible to be casual about it and move on in life. even here it is give and take like every relationship.In this

relationship both parties know. there is no future. it is only a temporary need.

most of TBs are conventional .they will not accept a casual relationship.

lifestyles are changing . so are views on monogamous marriages and extra marital relationships.

with materialism and high pressure iiving ideas of tight and stifllng relationships are giving place to escape mechanisms

of various sorts. extra marital escapade planned or unplanned is one avenue for easy pleasure and some happiness.

it is anyway not conventional TB cup of coffee. they are ok with tamil brahmin ladies of high virtues who will strictlly keep them in check talking of morality and religion.LOL


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The forum now has a banner ad right in the middle saying "Did your wife cheat? 7 deadly mistakes men make when the wife cheats."

Sounds kind of sinister.


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Answers in blue.

most of TBs are conventional .they will not accept a casual relationship.

Never underestimate anyone TB or not TB.
Testosterone & Estrogen is like "Maya"..none of us really know how it works.

it is anyway not conventional TB cup of coffee. they are ok with tamil brahmin ladies of high virtues who will strictlly keep them in check talking of morality and religion.LOL

That is for wife material..everyone wants a wife with high moral virtues.BTW I dont 100% trust a person who keeps talking about virtues..sometimes its a good cover up job!LOL
Just like some closet gays actually become very anti gay outwardly cos they cant deal with their feelings and also try to cover up their tracks.

BTW I guess you havent come across people who having extra marital affairs..cos its not as casual at it seems at times..its a cool calculated situation at times and some actually do fall on love too and maintain a dual life..loving 2 people in their lives.
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Answers in blue.
dear renukaji
My opinion of TBs might be coloured due to my background and my views on brahmins are based on what TB ladies and

men project themselves as.Some may be engaging in double talk and painting the town red .

I have a north indian brahmin friend who is in a relationship with tamil widow with married daughters and who was lonely after her husband passed away.

She is his companion in all his business trips out of station. He has according to him found a perfect match. It has

lasted three years. he has maintained a good family life. he is a decent family man.

He got his son married recently. A decent dual life. He loves his wife also. you are correct. he says he loves both ladies.LOL

Raji Ram

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The forum now has a banner ad right in the middle saying "Did your wife cheat? 7 deadly mistakes men make when the wife cheats."

Sounds kind of sinister.
May be you are using Google chrome!

I searched for flights from Chennai to Coimbatore a few days back.

Now whenever I open forum, an ad appears for cheap flights from Chennai to Coimbatore!! :cool:



Today’s news - reported at New Delhi - Quite self-explanatory

17-year-old boy kills mother’s partner. – The Hindu

The accused found them in a compromising position

A 17-year-old boy allegedly murdered a man in Okhla Vihar at South Delhi on Friday night after he found him in a compromising position with his mother.

The accused juvenile was caught by the locals after they spotted him carrying the body on a rickshaw to dump him in the Yamuna. He was later handed over to the police by locals.

“The juvenile has confessed to the crime and along with his mother has been booked for murder by police in the Jamia Nagar police station,” said a police officer.

“A lot of people were present on the streets due to the Islamic holy night of Shab-e-Baraat. They noticed the boy carrying something unusually large wrapped in a bed-sheet. When he was stopped, he told the locals that it was garbage, but when it was checked, locals were shocked to see the body of a man. They immediately called the police to the spot,” said a police officer.

The victim identified as 35-year-old Feroz Khan is a taxi driver from Shaheen Bagh. He was married and had three children. According to the police, Khan was allegedly involved with the mother of the accused for the past few months and had gone to her residence on Friday.

Read more: 17-year-old boy kills mother?s partner - The Hindu
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