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viswanathan anand

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Viswanathan Anand has made all of us proud.

Recently we bought Chess boards in a remote village school and I told the children to emulate Viswanathan Anand.

The slum children are very much aware of Sachin Tendulkar and not Vishwanathan Anand.

I think TV media has corrupted our children also.

Let our children emulate Viswanathan Anand.

All the best
The Hindu : Sport / Other Sports : Anand’s win very special: Parents


while chess is not massexciting or moneypowered like indian cricket, it is a sport where one of our own is flying the indian tricolour in the gold stand.

the above linkage is about his proud parents. sure looks like many of us around here. n'est pas?

He has been either World number 1 or number 2 for just about 20 years. And he still needs to be introduced to most people!

Without doubt the only true World Champion India has produced in any sport. Yet if anybody gets the Bharat Ratna from TN, Alagiri has a better chance than Anand. :bump2:
Kudos to V.Anand for winning the title, another proud moment for India.He is one of the strongest players in the world. I think he is one of the grittiest.
Kudos to V.Anand for winning the title, another proud moment for India.He is one of the strongest players in the world. I think he is one of the grittiest.

yeah, years ago when baba was just starting his career, there was some doubts as to whether he had the 'killer instinct' in him.

it is comforting to know that us paarppans can sure shed enemy blood when we need to, without pondering over the shastraic consequences :)

to explain the above, chess, inspite of the people sitting politely across each other, is a game of nerves and mind play. one needs to have the desire to finish off the opponent. no holds barred. no quarters asked. none given.

.. or as the red queen says, 'off with their heads' :cell:
This piece below coming in today's Gulf News analyses beautifully the mindless adulation of our cricket players vis-a-vis Vishy.

gulfnews : India has reasons to party

People like Vishy, Sania Nehwal and Abhinav Bindra should probably rank higher than the cricketers because they have almost entirely come up on their own with no state support and they don't earn the obscene amount of money earned by cricketers, no glittering endorsements and no after IPL parties either.
People like Vishy, Sania Nehwal and Abhinav Bindra should probably rank higher than the cricketers because they have almost entirely come up on their own with no state support and they don't earn the obscene amount of money earned by cricketers, no glittering endorsements and no after IPL parties either.

Vishy ranks higher than anybody, past or present even though he deservedly makes good money. Sania has not won anything major, has never achieved number 1 ranking. Bindra has won an Olympic gold but only once. Tendulkar has done a lot more. In general the cricketers are over rated and pampered. IPL is just a way for earning lots of easy money and consume unlimited alcohol at night parties. The cricket board has changed drastically and become totally commercialised. It was a lot different in the past. In 1969 Bill Lawry of Australia insulted the indian team and told the press that his team would win the Delhi test in 4 days. Actually the test ended in 4 days, but India won! The Board was paying 100 Rupees per day. Since India won in 4 days, the players were paid only 400 rupees for winning quickly! Cannot imagine something like that happening today.
All of us should be proud of Viswanath Anand. All parents interested in the improvement of the IQ of their children should buy chess board (if not done already) and teach chess to them. As a sudoku practitioner and trainer, I would say that mastering the 64 grids of chess will definitely improve the memory power of children. Harry lorayne told "Memory Makes Money" See Memory of Viswanath Anand not only gave him money but also uncomparable name and fame. Long live Viswanath Anand.

Trees leave tons of seeds before they merge with the earth nature. Nature has left in this world tons of soul particles as seeds of knowledge and wisdom. Through Chess these potential but untrained masters should master Chess and set Viswanath Anand as role model and reach his level. Age is not a bar for achieving anything in the world.
He had a world championship match to play in Bulgaria.

All the flights in and out of Europe were cancelled due to volcanic ash.

He was stuck in Germany less than four days before the match.

He decided to travel to Bulgaria by road.

He traveled for 48 hours, 2000 Kms, crossed four countries, by car.

He reached Sofia, Bulgaria less than 30 hours before the match.

He rightly requested for postponement of the match by three days and the Bulgarians refused.

He lost the first game of the 12 match series.

He came back strongly to win the next game.

His opponent was making controversial statements to distract him.

He was cool and composed as usual.

Series of games and after game 11 they were tied 5.5 – 5.5.

His last game was with black, white having a clear advantage in this sport.

He won the game and the match, 6.5 – 5.5.

He became a world champion once again!

If there was something called 'winning against all odds' this was it.

He never had a formal coach in his sporting career.

He never had a massive fan following.

He received literally no support from the government.

He is undoubtedly the most intelligent sportsman India has ever seen.

He is Vishwanathan ‘Vishy’ Anand. The world chess champion.

He frequently makes you say “Proud to be an Indian”.

I stand up and salute this genius. I am sure you also would.
Dear all...

dont know how accurate this is..but i read before Chess was invented by Surphanaka(sister of Ravana) to keep Ravana busy and calm...and he was very fond of the game and used to promote it to others...

So we should be thankful to Surphanaka and Ravana...
Surphanaka for inventing it and Ravana for promoting it.
it is true that chess does not incite the excitements of a cricket or soccer campaign. those are pseudo physical invasions and defences ie versions of modern shadow warfare inlieu of real blood and guts.

i do know of only one country of modern era which eulogized its chess champions. a la par with its nobel laureates.

it was the old soviet union. in the 1950s, 60 the ussr dominated the chess world. it was a serious intellectual domain, bereft of glamour, but also of arrogance or pride. just sheer crude use of brainpower to crush an opponent.

it was rumoured, that chess players were commandeered by the soviet army to plan campaigns against the germans during the world war II. for it is only them, who could play out several scenarios and predict outcome. remember, this was pre-computers era :flypig:

the soviet domination came to an abrupt halt with the rise of that eccentric jewish american, bobby fisher. his eccentricities included refusal to play on jewish shabbath (saturdays i think), and so games have to be scheduled around that.

bobby fisher beat the russians repeatedly and broke a spell, that the soviets never recovered. for them the glory would lie in the immediate past of mikhail botvinik, mikhail stahl, kasparov et al..and all of them jews, the only exception being petrossian.

on a mylapore level, there was a chess movement pioneered by ramani press. this was during the 60s. ramani press was run by a brahmin, and was located next to the hindu permanent fund mada veedhi (same street as rajaji seeval store, which was owned by a tanjore muslim).

once the treadles were idled at sundown, a few tables were spread on the platform of the mada veedhi, and young, eager, poonul clad, dhoti clad, banian clad brahmin boys would play chess. or were initated into chess. this was serious chess.

the boys came from the neighbourhood, and some as far as vadagur selva vinayagar street on one side, and mandaveli on the other. ramani press graduated some ranking south indian players of rank.

one of them is my friend kailas, who i have seen, challenge 10 different players at a time in my university, blind folded, and whacked each one of them!!

i apologize, that i do not remember the name, but there was a muslim youth from madurai, who was a chess prodigy. unfortunately, a prodigy needs to be nurtured and developed. i guess not much hope of that in india. during the 80s, 90s.

i hope one day anand writes his autobiography and shares some insights as to what was the driving force to his success. i do discount his brahmn heritage here, for that would go contrary to my deep held faith in inclusiveness.

.. and there are plenty of russians, armenians, americans, jews, englishmen who have excelled in chess. all blue blooded in their own right. interestingly no germans come to my mind (!)

i think chess is a sport of the sedate, armchair intelligentsia, with an overwhelming curiosity to plan victory campaigns against a perceived superior enemy. the indian defence ministry would do well to nurture many many chess player. n'est pas?
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