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Violence and Terror


Well-known member
It is high time that violence and terror be dealt with a firm hand. Violence and especially terror as we see today are responses when one thinks that logic and persuasion will not work. In that sense they are a understandable response to obstinacy. But that does nor entitle the perpetrators of violence and terror to have a free hand against innocent people. Hence they are to be countered in the strongest way possible.

One should use all means at one's disposal to counter terrorism and violence. I can think of tact, physical force and spiritual force as counters of terrorism. The first one is least likely to succeed because reason falls on deaf ears almost always. with physical force you are countering force with counter force. Large scale destructions are likely and one also need to do a lot of intelligent planning and implementation to succeed. And finally by using spiritual force you actually make the force of the terrorists vanish totally and is the ideal way of counter. No shedding of blood and loss of lives but still tremendous success in accomplishing the objective.

Folks, look out for the right response in this regard including the latest terror attack.

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