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Venkatachala Nilayam

Purandara dasa says the pure divinity with lotus eyes in the Venkata mountain (acala) is the one who lives in vaikuntha, present as the physical form of consciousness (cit), the ''self' or 'aham' in all, which wields the Chakra (Sudarshana, the will to perform) and Shankh (panchajanya, the five means to perform).

Lord Vishnu's saMkalpa/will causes the darshana of Universe overcoming all impediments. It is invoked as ‘Lord Sudarshana’, the 'chakra', which is the 'will'. Panchajanya, the conch is the five senses or five elements by means of which this 'will' is performed. Lord Vishnu manifests as 'self' with 'will' and the 'way' in all.

On the center (nAbhi) of this lotus 'self', in everything in the Universe, brahmA, the mind/manas arises, creating huge, diverse creations. Hence this 'self' has innumerous attributes, praised and sung by nAradA.

This 'self' with the 'will' and the 'way', with innumerous attributes, is the seat of all 'life', the subject of all Vedic scriptures, is the makara-kundala wearing krishna, the resident of vaikuntha, is the one in Venkata mountain. He is also the purandara vittala who saves the devoted.

The residing diety of Venkata Hill is the very 'self' with 'will' (sudarshan) and 'way' (panchajanya) in all beings, that sleeps in the ocean of consciousness, the one with innumerous attributes to which mind (brahma) submits, seat of all life, the subject of all vedas. He is none other than the one in vaikuntha, the makara-kundela wearing madana Gopala, purandara vittala, who protects the devoted, says purandara dasa

Venkatachala nilayam translation sung in tamil essence in english

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