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Vande Bharat Mission: A tale of chaos and calm for the stranded


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Travelers faced communication snags, be it with the High Commission or with Air India.

The payment gateway, he said, was terrible. "When I tried using my UK credit card, it wouldn’t work; there was no option to allow internet banking using the local UK banks," he said. "Then when I tried to use my UK debit card, they charged me 51,750 pounds instead of rupees, it couldn’t be converted! Then my transaction failed. I tried with my Indian debit and credit card and the transaction failed again.”

With only one option – internet banking – left and almost done with the 30-minute window, Ramakrishnan gave it another shot and finally was able to book the ticket.


On the flight ticket fare and the hotel prices, Rai said, “Since each person has his own personal burden of flight and quarantine facility and it's during an unanticipated burden to get home, that’s the only reason that I felt that the whole cost of coming back was turning out to be a little expensive as against a normal situation but we’re not in a normal situation.”

The government had launched the 'Vande Bharat Mission' on May 7 to repatriate Indians from different parts of the world who were stranded due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under phase one of the mission, between May 7 and May 14, the government evacuated a total of 12,000 Indians from the Gulf, the US, the UK, Philippines, Bangladesh, Malaysia and the Maldives by operating a total of 64 Air India and Air India Express flights.

Phase two of the mega evacuation mission is expected to bring back over 32,000 stranded Indians from 31 countries on 149 flights between May 16 and May 22.



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in india...chaos are very common...even in migrant issue.....basically supply and demand problem....supply less..

more demand....more chaos....
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