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Uplifting our community


New member
Hey Fellow Brothers and sisters,
As I saw many forums and fb groups run by our community constantly post uplifting of our community but they never engage in action,so I decided to post this thread as part of how we as united people can uplift it. So when I was studying Masters in investment I came across a case study of community investment fund which will be helpful of people of those community usually these are run by Chinese and Taiwanese in abroad. So my question is why don't we can start a community investment fund and invest it in right way to help our community to get good education and financial support for brides family and many other stuffs. Please do post valuable replies of yours.


Active member
I feel that all downtrodden people deserve help instead of restricting the help to one particular community.
There are a number of organisations doing good work in this field.
Recently I happenned to stay in "AUM PranavaAshram" in TENKASI for a few days.
This Ashram is run by Mr,V.Viswanathan and his wife(from AUSTRIA).They give free education to 50 children
(both boys & girls) and also finance the higher education of some girls residing in the Asram.They also admit poor old aged people and take care of them.Both Mr.Viswanathan & his wife are devotees of Puttaparthi Sai Baba and spent a number of years in Puttaparthi in the presence of Sai Baba.
There may be many more similar organisations helping the poor.
Such organisations can be helped by donations so that they can expand their activities.