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Upanayana for adopted child

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One of my relative adopted a son of her own sister, and performed Upanayanam as his Parents.
Once adopted, the boy becomes a son.
My niece has adapted a child from an orphanage. The Upanayanam of that Boy was conducted last year with the usual ceremonies. There is no rule. The Boy adapted by Brahmin parents is a Brahmin.
What is the rule to perform Upanayana for a child who has been adopted from an orphanage, being both the parents are from the Brahmin community.

There are 16 samskaras prescribed for a "dwija". Refer any Dharmasastra for proof. These are:

[h=4]1.[/h][h=4]Garbhadan[/h][h=4]The first coming together of the husband & wife for bringing about conception.[/h]
[h=4]2.[/h][h=4]Pumsvan[/h][h=4]Ceremony performed when the first signs of conception are seen, and is to be performed when someone desires a male child.[/h]
[h=4]3.[/h][h=4]Seemantonayan[/h][h=4]A ceremony of parting of the hairs of the expectant mother to keep her spirits high & positive. Special music is arranged for her.[/h]
[h=4]4.[/h][h=4]Jatakarma[/h][h=4]After the birth of the child, the child is given a secret name, he is given taste of honey & ghee, mother starts the first breast-feeding after chanting of a mantra.[/h]
[h=4]5.[/h][h=4]Nama-karana[/h][h=4]In this ceremony the child is given a formal name. Performed on the 11th day.[/h]
[h=4]6.[/h][h=4]Nishkramana[/h][h=4]In this the formal darshan of sun & moon is done for the child.[/h]
[h=4]7.[/h][h=4]Annaprashana[/h][h=4]This ceremony is performed, when the child is given solid food (anna) for the first time.[/h]
[h=4]8.[/h][h=4]Chudakarana[/h][h=4]Cuda means the 'lock or tuft of hair' kept after the remaining part is shaved off.[/h]
[h=4]9.[/h][h=4]Karna-vedha[/h][h=4]Done in 7th or 8th month. Piercing of the ears.[/h]
[h=4]10.[/h][h=4]Upanayan & Vedarambha[/h][h=4]The thread ceremony. The child is thereafter authorized to perform all rituals. Studies of Vedas begins with the Guru.[/h]
[h=4]11.[/h][h=4]Keshanta[/h][h=4]Hairs are cut, guru dakshina is given[/h]
[h=4]12.[/h][h=4]Samavartan[/h][h=4]Returning to the house[/h]
[h=4]13.[/h][h=4]Vivaha[/h][h=4]Marriage ceremony[/h]
[h=4]14.[/h][h=4]Vanprastha[/h][h=4]As old age approaches, the person retires for a life of tapas & studies.[/h]
[h=4]15.[/h][h=4]Sanyas[/h][h=4]Before leaving the body a Hinddu sheds all sense of responsibility & relationships to awake & revel in the timeless truth.[/h]
[h=4]16.[/h][h=4]Antyeshthi[/h][h=4]The last rites done after the death.[/h]
(courtesy of : The 16 Hindu Samskaras)

In the case of an adopted child, items 1 to 3 cannot be done and these get supplanted by the adoption ceremony done according to the scriptures/sastras. If the adoption was only civil (i.e., as per the secular law) then pl. consult your vadhyar as to whether an adoption ceremony as per sastras/scriptures is necessary. The vadhyar may dispense with this but then the adoption will remain "asAstric" and hence invalid from the religious pov. You may get confirmation about this from Kanchi/Sringeri or any other head of a matham.

Scriptures/Sastras permit complete haircut only after upanayanam. Only Choodaakaranam (also referred to as "chowLam") is allowed as per sastras, before that.

Items 4 to 9 will have to be performed before the Upanayanam, on that day itself if these vaideeka samskaras have not been done for the adopted boy in the prescribed time.
Not open for further replies.
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