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Union Budget 2019


Well-known member
'11 out of 10 for Budget's politics'
The finance minister has told the BJP's core voters we are hearing you and we are sensitive to your aspirations.'

It is the final Budget of the Narendra Damodardas Modi government, a kind of do-or-die situation for the party that has antagonised its core supporters.
M R Venkatesh, lawyer, chartered accountant and political commentator who had been extremely critical of the Modi government's earlier Budgets, finds the latest one a very good political exercise.
"The other issue is the Ram mandir which has been bugging the BJP's core supporters. The Budget cannot address this issue. I am sure in the next couple of weeks, mandir building will start whatever be the outcome of the Supreme Court decision," Venkatesh tells Rediff.com's Shobha Warrier. "Then the mood will change to that of ascendency and euphoria."



Well-known member
Presenting a full budget in the name of an interim one, as Piyush Goyal did on Friday, betrays extreme arrogance on the part of the BJP leadership. The nature of announcements made it seem more like the launch of a Narendra Modi ‘Re-election Yojana’. I’m not delving into where the money will appear for such big-bang announcements—that is a separate, serious question in itself.

A budget with an announcement (not in terms of the amount, which is minuscule compared with the extent of agrarian distress in India, but policy) such as direct benefit transfer (DBT), which is a fundamental shift in the philosophy of governance, required a thorough political discussion, especially since there is no consensus on the economic effects of such a shift. Ethically speaking, if the Modi government was serious about such a shift, it should have done this in its first budget, not the last.



Well-known member
Absolutely and this is the true tragedy of india.

RSS/BJP which claimed to be a cadre based organisation with strong ideology, economic principles came to the govt with no plans at all.

One would have expected them to come with a master plan like the Chinese communist party.

Some hotch potch ideas (otherwise called famously as Jugaad) in smart cities, make in india with out any solid ground plan.

So many things could have been done - rural sector reforms - open up for private sector investments, complete psu disinvestment/ privatisation, satellite towns to decongest all the cities, regional hubs so that development is evenly spread across countries, etc...

A la such a historic mandate lost... India is forever in fire fighting mode..

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