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Towards Destruction of Brahminical Order

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A brahminical order evolved over the centuries ensuring male superiority and control over land, women and Rituals have got challenged over the years.

Most brahmins in Agraharam have lost their lands, their women whom they controlled thru notions of caste purity are crossing the caste barrier , rituals they

practised to the exclusion of other castes have got questioned in temples .

Even in earlier times, Buddhism challenged the vedic-brahminical order to bring in a more just society devoid of caste discrimination.

The extreme practice of caste and brahminism was put in place by nambudhris in kerala where supported by kshatriyas, they maintained their control over 64

villages with their women being kept in absolute isolation and control and they themselves took kshatriya women [nairs etc] on the side.

The erosion of the brahminical order thru the dravidian movement has ushered in a free for all baiting of brahmins , isolating them for ill treatment and


In north, where states [UP?]have a large brahmin presence, suddenly there is a surge for cultivation of brahmins by others. Even at the national level, right

wing hinduism is encouraging brahminism as they appear to be interchangeable words for them.

Where are we going?

What can the brahmins do?

Do they forget their caste tags and intermingle more with majority caste, run away from it all by going to foreign countries or places with huge brahmin

presence or decay where they are?


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Dear Krish ji,

Why worry??? Nothing will happen at least to TBs.

From my interaction in forum with Tamil Brahmins...I am very confident TBs will survive even a nuclear holocaust.

This is not a joke...this is my observation that TBs will survive anything cos they seem to have an built in defense mechanism that adapts yet does not change their values. I mean this as a compliment.

Ma Suchah!

at a personal level, who are the best to hug given an oppurtunity?

In UP brahmins in congress are waiting to hug Akhilesh yadav faction of Yadav community if Samajwadi party breaks up.

In mahabharatha war someone here wrote about vithuras options.

Of course I believe in hugging my neighbour -I do not know the caste- very unscrupulous.I also would try to convince that my hugging is good for them

Most brahmins look for an escape route.

They have strong survival and self preservation instincts.

They would go to other end of the world if it suits them and justify based on sastras.
I was reading about hindu temples in Bali.

They have a dress code.

Sarongs with upper cloth.

No bare bodied males[RRji would be thrilled to know].

We guys can go with sarongs wrapped over our pants .

women can try to pass of their saris as sarongs.

This is what brahmins are capable of.

We will adopt/adapt to the extent to the local requirements and manage.

I have developed a sudden interest in bali and hinduism there.

Might end up there later this year.
There are two illuminating writeups -one by badri seshadri on political and social marginalisation of tamil brahmins in tamilnadu.The state institutions have kept out the

brahmins from state run engg and medical colleges and most cannot dream of govt jobs. Their slow exit from tamilnadu is states loss. Another write up by NB writer

jayamohan.All these have already been posted and dissected in this forum by PJ sir and kunjuppuji. [By the way where is kunjuppuji ?].

This brahmin bashing solely for joint sins of brahmins, chettiars and telugu intermediates in rural TN against dalits has been the work of the dravidian movement. Many

of the top leaders of this movement are telugus in tamilnadu.The movement categorising brahmins as aryans and some others as dravidians has been a devious

attempt to marginalise brahmins. Dalits have not gained by the dravidian movement. Intermediate castes have replaced brahmins in ill treatment of dalits. They are

violent unlike brahmins. My sympathies are with the dalits of TN . They are suffering like the brahmins..We do not have a Mayavathi in south to blend brahmins with

dalits politically.
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