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TIME puts PM Narendra Modi on cover, calls him divider in chief


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1557492362915-png.7399 TIME puts PM Narendra Modi on cover, calls him divider in chief

TIME magazine has put Prime Minister Narendra Modi on its cover, called him India's "divider in chief", and asked if India can endure five more years of his government.

The opposition pounced on the story on Friday. The women's wing of the Congress, for example, pointed to the opening line -- "Of the great democracies to fall to populism, India was the first." -- to attack PM Modi.

"Your truth is for all to see," the All India Mahila Congress tweeted to Modi.
In the same issue, TIME published a second story on the prime minister, titled, "Modi Is India’s Best Hope for Economic Reform."

TIME's articles on Modi come as India's Lok Sabha election enters its home stretch, with just two polling phases left before votes are counted on May 23.

The cover story, reported by Aatish Taseer, says "the world's biggest democracy is more divided than ever" -- the broad array of topics that find mention in the piece include mob lynchings, the appointment of Yogi Adityanath as Uttar Pradesh's chief minister in 2017, and the BJP's recent decision to field Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur in Bhopal.

The article is also critical of the the opposition, which it calls a "weak", "ragtag" coalition; it says the Congress has "little to offer than the dynastic principle" and describes Rahul Gandhi as "an unteachable mediocrity".

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been on the cover of TIME before -- for example, an interview with the BJP leader headlined a May 2015 cover. (He has also won, more than once, the online readers' poll for TIME Person of the Year.)

It is a mixed blessing.
On one hand, it is an honor, but sadly as a divider and not as a unifier.

This is similar to Trump.


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The TIME magazine has featured Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the cover of its international edition with a controversial headline and a secondary one that reads "Modi the Reformer" as the country enters the final phase of the mammoth general election.

The American magazine's May 20, 2019 international editions - the Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia and South Pacific - feature the Modi cover story with the main headline "India's Divider in Chief" while the US edition has a cover st ..

Read more at:


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Unfortunately, many Modi bhakts wear it as a badge of honor. To most of other Indians, it is sad commentary.


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Unfortunately, many Modi bhakts wear it as a badge of honor. To most of other Indians, it is sad commentary.
Again "Modi Bakt" is a statement of Judgment. We really do not know. We judge with our intellect which is corrupted with our likes and dislikes.
TIMES is not knowledge personified. It is just a judgment again by someone who wrote that piece.
Who is bothered about what TIMES has to say about the PM of India. The people of India, if they consider him as their leader representing their aspirations that is final. If TIMES think that he is a divider, it would mean Indians want a divided society for putting an end once for all to all the politicking done by unscrupulous leaders by their appeasement politics and secular slogan mongering. Sometimes, a drastic solution is needed to put an end to the cancerous growth of religion based politics. Hindus have had enough of it since the days of Mahatma Gandhi. We would like an end to the politics of appeasement, politics in the name of secularism, minorityism and what not.
India can put every nonsense of this kind behind and move ahead without conversions (buying alligience in return for money and milk powder, targeted love jihad, noise pollution and everything that is obnoxious about religious fundamentalism.

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