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This Andhra Pradesh village bans women from wearing nighties during daytime


Well-known member
[FONT=&quot]Amaravati: In a strange incident, women in an Andhra Pradesh village are prohibited to wear nighties during the daytime. According to the elders of Tokalapalli village in the state's West Godavari district, no woman should wear nighties between 7 am to 7 pm.[/FONT]
The rule, allegedly formulated by village elders, say that if someone is found not following the 'rule', a fine of Rs 2000 will be imposed on her. Furthermore, a 'prize' of Rs 1000 has been earmarked for the person who informs village elders about women not adhering to the dress code.


I never understand why we give up some rights voluntarily and then fight for some other rights.
Maybe Muslim women voluntarily wear Burka and give up their right to drive in Saudi Arabia.
I am amazed.[/FONT]


Well-known member
Its high time women know how to dress.
Many women from India who stay here wear their nighties outside to some nearby stores..doctors clinic etc..
It just looks unkempt.


New member
Let's not impose dress code. I am sure the village elders will ban women from wearing shirt and three-quarter pant as well (even if they look kempt).


New member
And while we are at it, perhaps men should be banned from wearing lungi in public as well. But that will not happen.

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