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Think or sink!

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member

A proverb a day to brighten the day!

350a. Jede Kreuzung bietet Ihnen eine Option. Benutze es weise.
350b. Every cross road offers you an option. Use it wisely.

Every cross road is there not to confuse you and mislead you!
It is there to offer you a choice of future actions! Use it wisely.

Jede = Every
Kreuzung = cross road
bietet = offers
Ihnen = you
eine = an
Option = option.
Benutze = Use
es = it
weise = wisely.

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
ஏணியும், தோணியும்.

ஏணி மற்றவர்களை மேலே ஏற்றி விடும்.
ஏணியால் மேலேறிச் செல்ல முடியாது!

தோணி மற்றவர்களைக் கரைசேர்க்கும்.
தோணி மிதப்பதோ என்றும் நீரிலேயே!

நாம் சேர்க்கலாம் இவ்வரிசையில்
நம் ஆசிரியப் பெருமக்களையும் கூட!.

எண்ணும், எழுத்தும் கற்பித்தவர்
என்றும் இருப்பார் ஆசிரியராகவே!

அக்கறை கொண்ட மாணவனோ
அக்கரைச் சீமையில் பணிபுரிவான்.

என்றாவது ஒருநாள் அவரை நினைத்தால்
குன்றாத மதிப்பு வைத்துள்ளவன் ஆவான்.

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member

A proverb a day to brighten the day!

351a. Keine gute Tat bleibt jemals ungestraft.
351b. No good deed ever remains unpunished

Keine = No
gute = good
Tat = deed
bleibt =
jemals = ever
ungestraft = unpunished.

Every good suggestion made with the best intention backfires in the most (un)spectacular way.
suggested to my b*tter half to watch something You Tube to 'kill time' . Now the tiny quarters where we live has become a full time home theater with the sound in full blast. I find it Too loud despite the airtight earplugs I use! :(

nEkhi karO! joothE khAvO!! MainE kiyA!!! MainE khAyA!!!! :(

Some people NEVER learn! Maybe I am one such person! :(

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
Now some good news!

The news:

I got an Android phone as a gift on my 75th birthday! At last.....! :)

The telephone company which gives an extra phone and a free connection for every 4 new phones and connections purchased.

The need:
Several Groups have been formed crisscrossing all the relatives. I am still in one such group. Already I am 12 and 1/2 behind IST. On top of that I had no phone available for my personal use! :(

The gift:
When I requested for a free connection (if possible) to the old phone lying with me without a sim card,
the company unexpectedly gave me a new phone and a new connection for free! :)

Time factor
Time decides everything. The phone is extra long (~8" ) in red and black combination.

The added benefit:
I could now enroll in Duo lingo program for learning German.

The best news so far:

I am already in the top ten in the first level in just ten days after I joined in the program. :)

But I have to keep awake and alert until the entire household becomes silent at night! :(

A little green bird appears in the screen often and encourages me by saying "I am proud of you!" :)

See for yourself how Every human life is a chain of alternating :) and :( !!!

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member

A proverb a day to brighten the day!

352a. Sich verändern. Ihr Vermögen wird sich ändern.
352b. Change yourself. Your fortune will change itself.

Every Action produces a Reaction.
The Reaction is called as Consequence.
The Result is called as ( Good or Bad) Fortune.
Change the Action to change the Reaction and your Fortune.

Verändern = Change
Sich = yourself.
Ihr = Your
Vermögen = fortune
wird = will
ändern = change
sich = itself.

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member

A proverb a day to brighten the day!

Wände haben Ohren!
Windows hat Augen!

Walls have ears!
Windows have eyes!

I used to live in a small apartment complex with 100 flats and ~500 occupants

I can imagine one or more pairs of ears behind every wall,
and one or more pairs of eyes behind every curtain in the window.
Everyone was always under everyone else's microscope. Busy Bodies!!

One couple used to quarrel every night in Hindi - so that no one can understand them.
Nice idea but not a very bright one!!
Everyone still knew that they WERE quarreling in a 'foreign' language! Right?

Wände = Walls
haben = have
Ohren! = ears!
Windows = Windows
hat = have
Augen! = eyes!

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member

தக்க காண்டம்

துய்யதோர் மறைக ளாலும் துதித்திடற் கரிய செவ்வேள்
செய்ய பே ரடிகள் வாழ்க சேவலும் மயிலும் வாழ்க
வெய்ய சூர் மார்பு கீண்ட வேற்படை வாழ்க அன்னான்
பொய்யில் சீர் அடியார் வாழ்க வாழ்க இப்புவனம் எல்லாம்.


Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
அவரவர் வீடு! அவரவர் பாடு!

நாரணன் கேட்டான் ஒரு நன்னாளில்
நாரத முனியிடம் இந்தக் கேள்வியை.

"மாற்றினேன் சுதர்சனத்தைக் கோளமாக!
மாறிய மனித இனத்தின் மேல் ஏவினேன்!

'கோவிட்' என்பது கூட 'கோவிந்த்'தின் மரூஉ.
ஏவிய பின் நடந்தது என்ன எனக் கூறுவீர் " என

கூறினார் நாரதர் தான் கண்ட விவரங்களை.
"மாறி விடவில்லை மனித இனம் மிகையாக.

ஓடி ஆடித் திரிந்தவர்கள் பலர் இன்று அஞ்சி,
ஓய்ந்து, சோர்ந்து, தம் இல்லங்களில் சிறை!

பணி புரிகின்றனர் அவரவர் இல்லங்களில்;
பாடம் படிக்கின்றனர் அவரவர் இல்லங்களில்.

பாடி ஒளி பரப்புகின்றனர் வீட்டில் இருந்தே!
ஆடி ஒளி பரப்புகின்றனர் வீட்டில் இருந்தே!

கண்டும், கேட்டும் மகிழ்கின்றார்கள் உலக மக்கள்
குட்டித் திரையிலோ அல்லது பெரிய திரையிலோ!

'டும்! டும்!' திருமணம் மாறிவிட்டது இன்று - ஒரு
'ஃ ஜூம்! ஃ ஜூம்!' காணொளித் திருமணமாக.

பந்தல் இல்லை, பந்தி இல்லை, செலவில்லை;
பார்ட்டியும், விருந்தும் அவவரர் இல்லங்களில்.

கற்றுக் கொண்டு விட்டது உலகம் - ஊர்
சுற்றாமலேயே காரியத்தை சாதிப்பதற்கு!

குறைத்து விட்டீர் பூமி பாரத்தை மிகவும்;
நிறைத்து விட்டீர் தூய பஞ்ச பூதங்களால்.

திருந்திய மனிதர்கள் என்றும் மறந்தும் கூட
புரியக் கூடாது மீண்டும் அதே தவறுகளை.

சாம, தான, பேத, தண்டப் பிரயோகங்களில்
சமம் ஆக வேறு யார் உள்ளார் தங்களுக்கு?"

வாழ்க வளமுடன்! வாழ்க நலமுடன்!
உங்கள் உண்மையுள்ள,
விசாலாக்ஷி ரமணி

A request to the readers of this thread. 🙏
I am not in any social media but I want this message to reach as many people as possible.
So kindly share this in your social network so that mankind will refrain from repeating its mistake.
Thank you in advance! 🙏
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Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member

A proverb a day to brighten the day!

354a. Ersparen Sie die Stange und verwöhnen Sie das Kind.

354b. You spare the rod and you spoil the child.

Everything has both the merits and defects - including spanking the kids.
Kids do not know the right from the wrong.
So it is duty of the elders in the house to teach them the value of values.

Some kids listen and obey inherently.
Some others need some incentive to do so.
Some others fear discrimination from the other kids and hence obey.

The toughest kids who do not bend to any of the above treatment of
(SAma, DhAna and BEdham ) will have to learn in the hard way by getting beaten or spanked.

But too much beating and spanking will make them indifferent to punishment. So we must talk about beating and spanking without actually doing those - just to keep the fear of punishment alive!

Sounds complicated? Well, human relationship is complicated!

If anyone raises a hand on a child where we live now, the child will immediately report to the authorities to teach that person the right and the wrong about the Rights of the Kids!

Sie = You
Ersparen = spare
die = the
Stange = rod / pole
und = and
Sie = you
verwöhnen = spoil
das = the
Kind = child.

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member

A proverb a day to brighten the day!

355a. Jeder Vogel muss seine eigenen Eier schlüpfen.
355b. Every bird must hatch its own eggs.

Everyone must bear his burden.
Everyone must do his duty.

Everyone must pay his dues.
Everyone must do good to others.

Some people pass on their responsibilities to the others.
Some never hesitate to reap the benefits of the labor of the others.

Jeder = Every
Vogel = bird
muss = must
schlüpfen = hatch
seine = its
eigenen = own
Eier = eggs.

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
The Invisible Grinding Wheels.

Man seems to possess many hidden grinding wheels inside his body.
These keep on rotating and demanding something for grinding all the time.

One who has the grinding wheel in his teeth, needs something to eat, whenever he is awake.
One who has the grinding wheel in his mouth, needs to say something, whenever he is awake.

One who has the grinding wheel in his eyes, needs something to watch, whenever he is awake.
One who has the grinding wheel in his ears, needs something to hear whenever he is awake.

One who has the grinding wheel in his legs, needs to go somewhere, whenever he is awake.
One who has the grinding wheel in his hands, needs to meddle with something, whenever he is awake.

One who has the grinding wheel in his mind, need something to think about whenever he is awake.
One who has the grinding wheel in his brain needs something to learn whenever he is awake.

Know your own hidden grinding wheels.
Explore carefully their defects and merits.

Do these wheels make you grow and glow intellectually / physically / emotionally?
Do they simply while away all your valuable time in worthless pursuits and useless actions?

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member

A proverb a day to brighten the day!

Vergangenheit ist eine Geschichte.
Zukunft ist ein Rätsel.
Gegenwart ist ein Geschenk

Past is a history.
Future is a mystery.
Present is a gift

Vergangenheit = Past
ist = is
eine = a
Geschichte = history.
Zukunft = Future
ist = is
ein = a
Rätsel = mystery.
Gegenwart = Present
ist = is
ein = a
Geschenk = Present (gift)

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
Nothing is absolute! Everything is relative!

In Nature everything is relative. Nothing is really absolute. It is the principle of the Two Parallel Lines of different lengths ( iru kOdugaL). The line which was originally considered Big becomes smaller when another longer line is drawn by its side. The same with every experience in our life.

So is the credit one receives for one's merits and achievements. If the person is considered unimportant,
and harmless, everything he does and says also becomes unimportant. If the person is considered important or influential, everything he does and says is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

To one who knows his own worth none of these really matter. He will keep his eyes focused on the distant aim of his life and keep moving towards it relentlessly - unaffected by the good or reception it gets from the people around him.

Every success has a 'tapasya' ( an unmitigated hard work ) as its unshakable solid foundation.

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member

A proverb a day to brighten the day!

357a. Weihnachten kommt nur einmal im Jahr.
357b. Christmas comes but once in a year.

As kids we wished to have birthday everyday (without growing older!)
and for the festivals during which we will get new clothes and sweets.

But everyday can't be one's birthday. It is just the birth of that day!
Festivals are few and far between in an year.

Maybe if we have them everyday, we would
get used to them and all their charm will vanish.

An interval, a temporary suspension, a brief interruption only makes the joy more.

Weihnachten = Christmas
kommt = comes
nur = only
einmal = once
im Jahr = in a year.
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