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Think or sink!

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
The F A Q now is
Can we ever hug or kiss anyone in the future - without fear or anxiety?
ONLY time can answer this Question.

As always, when one door is closed another is opened.
Man will never lack companionship in the future.

Will every house have a pretty and patient companion in the future?
Again Time alone can answer this Questionas well.

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Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
A proverb a day to brighten the day!

164a. Zeit heilt alle Wunden.
164b. Time heals all wounds.

memory of human beings is short lived.
For some people it is as short as that of a goldfish.
Some others may remember persons and things a little longer.

It is said that a person is forgotten after he is gone for 7 weeks.
It is said that a person is 'gone for ever'- if he goes missing for 14 years.
Small wonder the heroes of the
epics were sent to the wilderness for 14 years!

Zeit = Time
heilt = heals
alle = all
Wunden = wounds

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
No outings means no need for any make up! :alien:

No maids means no rest from doing chores! :sick:

Pleasures ( eating, dating, meeting and mating)

must be often interrupted to make one realize

how good they were - when they were still there! ;)

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
A proverb a day to brighten the day!

165a. Was sein muss, wird sein.
165b. What must be, will be.

God places a software in every being He creates.
Call it as gene / DNA / or any other fancy name.

The software contains the entire life of
that particular creation encrypted in it.

No one can know it or read it or
decipher it
but it will be effective as long as that being lives on!

In the next birth, it will get a new software
depending on its actions in the past.

So what must be, will certainly be!

Was = What
muss = must
sein = be
wird = will
sein = be

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
Do people give more importance to dangerous Diseases, Deeds and Dudes???

Looking at the number of instant poets writing Tamil poems on Corona Virus

and the authors writing books on dangerous people makes me get this doubt?

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
A proverb a day to brighten the day!

166a. Wo ein Wille ist, ist auch ein Weg.
166b. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Necessity turns an ordinary person into an inventor.
New ideas, new possibilities, new uses dawn on us.

When there is a need, there is a will to accomplish it.
When there is a will, man finds a way to accomplish it.

Wo = Where
ist = (there) is
ein = a
Wille = will
ist = (there) is
auch = also
ein = a
Weg = way

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
In Hindi 'kal' may mean either 'yesterday' or 'tomorrow' depending on the contest.

Some people used to wonder why the same word is used to denote the past as well as the future!

We have many such pairs in German - differing by the use of a Capital letter in one of those pairs.

The difference will be clear in written language but one

still has to depend on the context in the spoken language.

Sie = (respectful) You
sie = they

Weg = Way
weg = (go) away

Morgan = morning
morgan = tomorrow

Laut = sound
laut = loud

When I come across more such words, they will appear here. This is known as A Capitonym in

which a word that changes its meaning (and sometimes its pronunciation) when it is capitalized.

You may find the list of English words here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capitonym

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
A proverb a day to brighten the day!

167a. In Liebe und Krieg ist alles in Ordnung.
167b. In Love and War everything is in order.

Do The Ends justify The Means???
They do so at least in Love and War!!!

Anything can be done to win the love
of a fair maiden and a Victory in a war.

In = In
Liebe = love
und = and
Krieg = war
alles = everything
ist = is
in = in
Ordnung = order

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
Some people would for anything just to get attention!
Can anyone wish to suffer from Corona Virus just for attention!

Surprisingly the answer is YES!

They do not mind the suffering as long as they can make the others
and feel guilty for not-being-up-to-the-task-of-keeping-them-safe!

Thankfully GOD does not answer such prayers!

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
People who go out need masks to void getting infected.
Does a person who never leaves the hose need a mask?

So long as people do not learn to and remember to cover their cough,
very little can be done to stop the Corona virus from spreading.

What to say of a person who coughs into his palms
and goes about handling all the food stuff??? :(

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
A proverb a day to brighten the day!

169a. Gott liebt ohne Wenn und Aber.
169b. God loves without 'if' and 'but'.

True Love is very hard to find.
In fact True Love is very much like God
since both are equally difficult to find!

Every form of Love has at least a trace of selfishness in it.
If nothing is there it will still be contaminated by
the pleasure the love gives to one who loves.

True and selfless love is the one showered by God
on everyone of us - for no reason whatever,
irrespective of whether we deserve it or not.

God showers HIS unconditional love just for the sake of love!

Gott = God
liebt = loves
ohne = without
Wenn = if
und = and
Aber = but.

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
Life has changed during the past three weeks -
ever since the lock down and the order to stay put!

All the essential work goes on uninterrupted as before.
Children learn from home and parents work from home.

Does it mean that all of us are polluting the planet Earth
just because we want to /we can and not because we have to?

Does it mean there is still hope for the planet and all that lives on it?

on levels ...www.inverse.com › science › data-reveal-air-pollution-levels-plumme...
Mar 27, 2020 - The lock down shut down factories, closed off roads and restricted people to their homes. This before-and-after image shows nitrogen dioxide gas ...

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
A proverb a day to brighten the day!

170a. Männer können kommen; Männer können gehen; aber das Leben geht weiter!
170b. Men may come; Men may go, but Life goes on!

Expansion is not necessary under the present conditions prevailing in the earth! :(

Männer = Men
können = may
kommen = come
Männer = men
können = may
gehen = go
aber = but
das = the
Leben = life
geht = goes on
weiter = further!

Last edited:

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
WHY and HOW does LIFE go on - irrespective of
everything happening around us, all the time????

Man is very optimistic and believes that nothing ill happen to him,
even when he looks around and sees people suffering and dying!

Call it as Hope, Optimism, Wishful thinking but that is what keeps man
kicking and ticking - even as he gets kicked and tricked by the terrible Fate!

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
A proverb a day to brighten the day!

171a. Schönheit liegt in den Augen des Betrachters.
171b. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

There is nothing ugly in Nature.

One finds something ugly only when
he is able to locate the beauty hidden in it.

To the Lover his beloved is always pretty.
To the Hater his target is always ugly!

The stinking rich think poverty is ugly.
I bet the poor think likewise of the rich!

Schönheit = Beauty
liegt = lies
in = in
den = the
Augen = eyes
des Betrachters = of the beholder.

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
A proverb a day to brighten the day!

172a. Es ist besser im Stehen zu sterben als kniend zu leben.
172b. It is better standing to die than kneeling to live.

Mighty tress get uprooted in a storm while the tiny grass is not affected.
There is nothing great about dying for the sake of dying.

It is far better to live and achieve something worthwhile
than braving a strong man or kneeling to lick his shoes.

Es = It
ist = is
besser = better
im Stehen = standing
zu = to
sterben = die
als = than
kniend = kneeling
zu = to
leben = live

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