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Think or sink!

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue
but is the mother of all virtues.

The secret of being a bore is
to tell everything.

It is no use saying that you did your best.
You must achieve what you ave set out to do!

The secret of being a bore is
to tell everything, to everyone,
everywhere and all the time!
(anon = me! ) :)

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
ஆக்கமும், ஊக்கமும்.

தானாய்ப் பழுத்த கனி
தேனாய்ச் சுவைக்கும்.
வெம்பிப் பழுத்ததோ
வேம்பாய்க் கசக்கும்.

தானாய் மலர்ந்த மலர்
தன் மணம் பரப்பும்.
பிரித்து விரித்த மலர்
சிறிதும் மணம் தராது.

இறக்கை முளைக்கும் முன்பே
பறக்க விரும்புமோ பறவை?
பறக்க முயன்றாலும் அதன்
சிறகுக்கு உண்டோ பலம் ?

இயற்கையின் நியதிகளை
ஏற்கின்றன உயிரினங்கள்.
முரட்டு மனிதன் மட்டுமே
குறுக்கு வழியில் முயல்வான்!

புகையில் வைத்துக் கனியின்
சுவையினைக் கெடுத்திடுவான்.
வலியப் பிரித்து மலர்களை
மெலிந்து வாடச் செய்வான்.

ஆக்கப் பொறுத்தவர் தாம்
ஆறவும் பொறுக்க வேண்டும்.
தேக்கு வலிமை பெறவேண்டித்
தவம் நின்று செய்கின்றதே!

ஆக்கத்துக்கு வேண்டியது
ஆர்வம் மட்டும் அல்லவே!
ஊக்கம் நிறைந்த நல்லதொரு
உழைப்பும் அவசியமன்றோ?

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
Men may be guided by reason. Mobs...never!

The first step towards truth is doubt.

It is better to wear out than rust out.

Our lives are ruled by Fortune and not by Wisdom.

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
The Eternal Tug Of War!

Woman is the personification of love.
Woman also yearns for unlimited love.

When she thinks she is not getting enough of it
She becomes a restless , relentless seeker of it.

There is a worldwide belief that no two women
can coexist in peace under the same roof.

The reason.... the quest for love and its confirmation.

That is why there is always a tug-of-war going on
between the mother and the wife of any man.

They both want constant reassurance from him.
In that process they both may make his life a hell!

Why can't they love the man from the same side -
instead of from opposite sides...tearing him into two!?

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
The traffic light and the real life traffic!

When very young, one of my sons made an observation this:

He said, "People stop at the red light and surge forward very fast at the sight of yellow light! Why do we need the green light at all?"

He is perfectly right since this it reflects a current real life situation - growing out of proportions.

When it was a green light period - when people were allowed to travel - the migrants were trickling into USA. They found various means of supporting themselves and mingled with the population.

Then came the Yellow light period - when people were supposed to stop migrating into USA . But people started surging in as fast as they could - before it would become red light banning all traffic!

It is a pity that what a child could observe was not obvious to the great thinkers and planners of this great nation. It is said that the daily expenditure of these detention camps is 4.5 million UDS.

From the appalling conditions prevailing there, it is easy guess that most of the money goes towards the salary of the 20K + security people employed there. Some of them are credited with their "choli kE peechE kyA hai? chaddi kE neechE kyA hai?" inspection of the teen aged migrants.

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
My grandson showed me a picture of the most colorful bird I have seen. It is called the Painted Bunting. The male had on it all the colors of the rainbow but the female looked lackluster and lacked the multi colours of the male.
Then the subject turned to how in the animal kingdom it is always the male which has extra features, extra colours ans extra exuberant behaviour to attract the drab female.
But in the human race it is always the female who dresses up, get decorated, get painted and get bejeweled to attract the male. I thought about it and came up with the answer.
It is ever since the human started walking on two legs and the females had to compete with one another for the attention of the male?

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
Three words and two alphabets.

"I love you" has three words. "I told you!" also has three words.

But there is a world of difference between these two sentences.

The first one suggests that, "Anything you do is always OK with me!"

The second one suggests, "Everything you do is always wrong!"

So while the first sentence is the sweetest in the world, the second is the harshest!

The words 'love ' and 'told' have two common alphabet 'l' and 'o'. Just the two simple alphabets

which differ, change the meaning and the mood of the statements upside down!

What a wonderful power these simple words and these tiny alphabets seem to possess!!

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
Common sense is instinct.
Enough of it is genius.

A gentleman is one who disagrees with you,
without becoming disagreeable.

Ideas are like children.
Your own are the most wonderful.

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
புதிய அகராதி.

உல்லாசம் = மதலை பேசும் மழலை மொழி.
உல்லாபம் = குதலை பேசும் குழறும் மொழி.

( இப்போதாவது அகராதியைப் புரட்டுவீர்களா?) :)

தன்னம்பிக்கை = "என்னால் முடியும்" என்ற எண்ணம்.
தற்பெருமை = "என்னாலும் முடியும்" என்ற பெருமிதம்.
கர்வம் (ஈகோ) = "என்னால் மட்டும் தான் முடியும்" என்ற எண்ணம்.

அடி வருடி = (உன்) மன ஓட்டத்தை நேர்த்தியாகச் சொல்பவன்.
பிடி பிடரி = (தன்) மன ஓட்டத்தைத் தைரியமாகச் சொல்பவன்.


உலகெங்கிலும் அடி வருடிகளுக்கே
உற்சாக வரவேற்பு அளிக்கப்படும். :(

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
"To sin by silence when they should protest,
makes cowards out of men.

To be witty is not enough.
One must have enough wit
to avoid too much of it!

Three ways of courting ruin...
women, gambling and
calling in the technician.

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
They always talk, who never think.

It is easy to flatter but difficult to praise.

Mark Twain's two occasions when you must not take chances...
1. when you can't afford to. 2. When you can!

Sleep, riches and health to be truly enjoyed,
must be interrupted occasionally!

Men make houses.
Women make homes.

No one can preach better than an ant...
and yet it SAYS nothing!

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
Logs and the Waves.

Human beings are just logs floating in the sea of Samsaaraa.

At times they are brought together by the waves of Fate.
At other times, they are thrown apart by the hands of Fate.

There is nothing that the logs can do about it but to cooperate.
Realizing this truth is the first step in our Spiritual Quest.

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
Some men want to live forever (WHY???)
Some nEtAs want to rule forever (WHY???)

God is not a fool to have set limits to the lifespan differently for each and every animal.
Constitutions of countries are not foolish wiritngs to have set a limit or the rule by any man!

It is not how long one lives or rules that matters but how well he lives or rules!
A turtle may live for 500 years... but what does it achieve in that long life running into several centuries?

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
With loads of money, palatial mansions, private island and political influence...
what on earth could lie beyond the reach of a perverted sex monster?

கள்ளனும், காவல்காரனும் கைகோர்த்துக் கொண்டு விட்டால்
கவலை என்பதே இன்றிக் காலம் முழுவதும் களவாடலாமே !


Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
Let us ponder on the Anomalous Expansion of water and its largely unsung blessings!

Solids expand on heating till they reach their melting point. After that they use up the heat energy being provided for melting. Once the whole substance has melted down, it again starts expanding till its boiling point is reached.

This true of all the solids and liquids except our dear friend water and that too in a specific range viz zero to four degree C.

Water like all the other liquids and solids, contracts when cooled and expands when heated. But when water reaches 4 degree C, it starts expanding when cooled, till it reaches zero C !

In other words its volume increases and hence its density decreases in that range 4 C to 0 C. So Water at 4 C always has the minimum volume and maximum density - whether cooled from higher temperatures or heated from lower temperatures!

This is labeled as the Anomalous Expansion of Water.

At the first sight you will tend to ask,"So what is the big deal - whether it contracts or expands?"
My friends! This anomaly makes a world of difference or rather a sea of difference to the creatures of the water Kingdom !

Water at 4 C being the heaviest, settles down at the bottom of the lake, ocean, or sea. As the top layers get cooled they go down too. Thus there will be water at 4 C in the bottom of all water bodies- despite the outside temperature below zero C.

In cooler regions all the water in the waterbody may reach 4 C and further cooling makes the lighter layer on the top freeze first.

If the sub zero temperature persists, more and more ice will be formed and the layer of ice thickens. But the entire water will never ever get frozen!

The advantage...???

All the living organisms in the sea will still have a place to live, feed and breed under the thick ice cap. They will never end up being frozen alive!

Isn't it wonderful how God (Nature) makes anomalous changes to keep alive His (Its) creations?!

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
Wonderful water.

(Don't be put off by the definition right in the beginning.... but please read on) ! :)

Heat capacity is the amount of heat required to change a body's temperature by a given amount.

Let me start talking in layman's language now.

To heat a gram of water I need approximately 11 times the heat needed for one gram of copper, (since the Thermal Capacity of water is 4.179 and that of copper is 0.385).

Wow! What a waste of heat energy while cooking food and heating water for other purposes!
Why can't it be less for water, just like it is for many metals and copper?

Nature has indeed blessed the creation by making this thermal capacity very high for water.
If it were less, what will happen to the earth when it absorbs all the heat and light emitted by the Sun during the day?

What will be the maximum temperature reached during the day time and what will happen at night when all the heat has been lost by radiation?

Days will be scorching and nights will be freezing cold. It is due to the high thermal capacity of water that even when all heat emitted by the Sun is absorbed, there is no significant rise in the temperature of water.

So during the day the land get more heated and we have a cool air current blowing from the water bodies towards the land.

During night time earth gets cooled faster and the water bodies remain warmer. There will be a warm air current from the sea to the land. What better arrangement can we ask for?

Do we ever stop to think and thank God for making water the odd substance out of all His creation?

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
Amazon fever is ON once again!
People buy things which they DO NOT NEED and or may NEVER use -
just because they are on Prime Time SALE!
People are happy to save 10$ by buying this or that - but do they ever stop to think that
they can save all their money - by not buying the thing they intend buying, just because of the sale?

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
Of late, the cat is becoming an increasing menace!
It has started attacking the younger kid also now.
It bares its razor sharp claws - hidden in its velvet paws - and tries to scratch the kids' legs
Good thing both the kids kids wear jeans - otherwise they get may really get hurt badly.
Does this behaviour have something to do with the long summer vacation they enjoy now?
Is it because they take up all the time of their parents and make the cat feel lonely / forsaken?
It is a form of sibling rivalry prevailing between the feline pet and the human kids?

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