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Think or sink!

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
"A hair in the head is worth two in the brush"

"God gives us nuts but he does not crack them".
German proverb.

"The art of medicine consists in amusing the patients while nature cures the disease"

"A reed before the wind lives on while the mighty oaks do fall!"

"Mother's knee is the best academy"

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
"A merry heart is a good medicine."
It is hard to buy but easy to create.

"Everything will be OK in the end.
If it is not...then certainly it is not the end!"

He who laughs last...perhaps thinks the slowest.

Smiles are like curds. You need some in order to make more.

Everybody smiles and scowls in the same Universal language.

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
Today's link:

போர்புரி காண்டம்
நாரணன் என்னுந் தேவும் நான்முகத் தவனு முக்கண்
பூரணன் தானும் ஆகிப் புவிபடைத் தளித்து மாற்றி
ஆரண முடிவுந் தேறா அநாதியாய் உயிர்கட் கெல்லாம்
காரணன் ஆய மேலோன் கழலிணை கருத்துள் வைப்பாம்.

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
"True greatness springs from a man's own heart. All men are born good"

Men's natures are alike, it is their habits that carry them far apart."

"Learning without thought is labour lost.
Thoughts without learning are perilous."

"Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it."

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
"Study the past- if you want to divine the future."

The scholar who cherishes the love of comforts is not fit to be deemed a scholar."

"To see what is right and not do it is want of courage."

"Better a diamond with flaw than a pebble without."


Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
Worldly wise sayings.

"Don't sweat petty things.
Don't pet sweaty things"

"A fair face may fade.

A fair soul never fades."

"If everything is under control, then you are moving too slow!"

"Fools rush in where angels fear to tread"

We all are a mixture of both fools and angels.

We rush in and also fear to tread - at the same time.

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
Old proverbs:-

Stolen waters are sweet.

Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.

Answer a fool according to his folly.

Train up a child the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

He that spareth his rod hateth his son.

Hope deferred maketh the heart sick.

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
One of the greatest pains to human nature is the pain of new ideas.

A woman's grief is like a summer storm-short as it violent is.

Opportunity makes a thief.

Crafty men condemn studies,
Simple men admire them,
Wise men use them.

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
That man is wisest who, like Socrates, realizes that his wisdom is worthless.

Man was not born for himself but for his country.

Time brings everything.

Through obedience learn to command.

The good is the beautiful.


Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
I get annoyed by the number of USB chargers lying tangled - each of which can be used only with one particular gadget.
One END of the USB charger is the same for all the chargers. Why should the other end be different for different gadgets? Can't we just have a Universal Charger - which will be compatible with every gadget made and avoid tons and tons of eco unfriendly E waste?

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
The same thing with the button type batteries that go into different gadgets.

We have to order for a minimum of 6 batteries and each type would fit only in one gadget.

By the time we have to change battery the other batteries would have expired!

On the one hand we keep lecturing about avoiding and reducing the eco unfriendly waste

while all the time we are producing more and more of them!

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
Poets utter great wise things which they do not themselves understand.

Nothing in the affairs of men is worthy of great anxiety.

Every king springs from a race of slaves, and every slave has had kings among his ancestors.

The rulers of the State are the only ones who should have the privilege of lying, either at home or abroad; they may be allowed to lie for the good of the State.


Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
When you have nothing to say, say nothing.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Examinations are formidable even to the best prepared, for the greatest fool

may ask more than the wisest man can answer.

Man is an embodied paradox, a bundle of contradictions.

(Charles Caleb Colton).

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
Friendship often ends in love;
but love in friendship-never.
(How else can we explain the acid attacks on the exes ? )

Subtract from many modern poets all that may be found in Shakespeare,
and trash will remain.

Some read to think,-these are rare;
some to unite,- these are common; and
some to talk,-and these form the great majority.

Charles Caleb Colton.

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
Life is one long process of getting tired.

Life is an art of drawing sufficient conclusions from insufficient premises.

All progress is based upon the universal innate desire on the part of every organism to live beyond its income.

We think as we do, mainly because other people think so.

The history of art is the history of revival.

Samuel Butler (1835-1902)

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
Tyrants seldom want pretexts.

It is the nature of all greatness not to be exact.

Passion for fame; a passion which is the instinct of all great souls.

The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.

(Edmund Burke)

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
In my mind, there is nothing so illiberal and so ill bred as audible laughter.

The knowledge of the world is only to be acquired in the world, not in a closet.

An injury is much sooner forgotten than an insult.

I recommend you to take care of the minutes; for hours will take care of themselves.

(Anton Chekhov)

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
The quotations by Anonymous persons are usually marked as (Anon)
Once while I was still a student, one of my friends told me this,
"Mr. Anon must be very smart to say such nice things"
Obviously she assumed that all the funny quotes were said by one and the same Mr. Anon!

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
Learning a new language is both interesting and challenging.

Interesting because of their similarities and challenging

because subtle differences hidden in the similarities.

There is only one way to keep the brain good condition.

Put to work to its maximum capacity!

Remember "We lose what we don't use"

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
80. “Use it or Lose it”

Contrary to the popular belief, the human brain does not lose its power merely through ageing. Constant mental activities help to keep the brain young and active.

This is the theory put forward by Professor Marian Diamond, after years of research on the development of human brain. She bases her findings on the experiments done with rats.

Young rats were placed in stimulating environment instead of the usual empty cages. They were exposed to the company of the other rats and to toys and play things like wheels and ladder–which would make the rats use their brains.

This kind of stimulation changed the chemistry and structure of the cortex—the thin outer layer of nerve cells of the brain. Every part of each cell enlarged and the number of support cells attached to them also increased. As a result, the brains of the rats became more active and ready to meet the challenges set for them by the researchers.

The same experiment was repeated with older rats aged 766 days (equivalent to 76 years in human life span). The older rats also showed thickening of the cortex.

What is the implication of this experiment on human beings?

Professor Diamond interviewed several octogenarians who had kept their brains active. She put her findings in a nutshell by saying, “I found that the people who use their brains don’t lose them. It was that simple!”

Visalakshi Ramani