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Think it over!

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Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member

If I remember correct, it started when the capital letters used were thought as 'yelling'. Then followed the first round of fights.

After that member left, to my surprise, the fight started among friends! To support one friend, all others friends were attacked!
Even after I requested for peace to restore, no one payed heed! It is so sad indeed!! These group fights are disgusting.
My request to my dear Sis is to follow the 'saptapati'.

May be I should have added this as the eighth step: "Please do not attack friends!"

I do not think I attacked any of my friends!!!

Airing ones own opinions is not attacking.

The title avvaiyar is more suitable for you

for you mudhu mozhigal and nannerigal :)

What about attacking a sibling along with now-extinct-friends???:confused:

WE have ALL made mistakes at different times and to different degrees.

No one here is perfect nor can be perfect.

As long as we do not taunt wantonly and persistently, :heh:

everything can be forgiven and forgotten!!!! :angel:


Well-known member
dear VR !
you were telling in olden age there were 3 avvaiyars on different periods .
we lucky to have 2 avvaiyars in the same period

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
Besides the general moderation, moderation to check if the comments and deviations being posted are relevant to core purpose of the thread is needed. The latter can only happen by the thread owner(s) if there is no self moderation by the members.

When we are not sure who is/are the mother/ mothers :confused:
what will be the plight of the child??? :fear:
At the slightest opportunity people butt in to headbutt!!:scared:

Foot notes:

A headbutt is a strike with the head, typically involving the use of robust parts of the cranium as the area of

impact. Effective headbutting involves striking a sensitive area of an opponent using the forehead such as the

nose of an opponent. It can be considered a risky but very effective maneuver as a misplaced strike can cause

greater injury to the person delivering the headbutt than to the person receiving it.

Serves him right too!!! :high5:

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
I couldnt read the time from the clock and hence the question.
I couldnt figure out easily how the time changes in the clock.

The colored balls show the time in hours and minutes.
My guess is that red ball gives the hours and the white ball the minutes.
My pop up blocks the image info.
You may try in your p.c.

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
Playboy clock??

What a let down!

I am sure some andropausal creatures would have expected more!LOL
Sorry to disappoint those creatures.
The clock resembles the dial in which
we are supposed to collect all the lead shots
in the central curve by careful maneuvering.
So I named it as playboy clock just for fun! :)

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
For play boys there is no specific or defined time for indulgence. All time is good time. So tehre is no need to know the time.

When director sridar was asked 'why he had named the movie - kadalikka neramillai' when everybody in the movie had plenty of time for kadal, he explained - that is not the meaning; all time is good for kadal, no specific time as day or night.

Hefner is till alive and kicking!
May be they need it to keep track of the duration of time! :)

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
Prasad Ji

Your post # 4559

Yes, I too hope Tmt VR's hair dryer works on the remote - using the GPS like an American drone
in Afghanistan & Pakistan.

She could probably push a few buttons, and maneuver a joystick sitting in Coimbatore [ now in the US ]
and give immense relief to my neighbor who has terrible constipation .

Yay Yem

You have got a chance to prove that you are a good Samaritan! :angel:
Don't lose the opportunity to make up with your territorial fanatic neighbor.:)
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