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The Power Of Naama Japam

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Dear Geetha
I have moved your posting to this thread 'scriptures and slokas, etc.' ; you had posted this under "general discussions". Ok?
Thanks for your posting. Please continue to actively participate.
Please vijisesh. I agree with you. We should have a discussion about Godmen and Hinduism. But not here. Papa Ramdas, the Sage of [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] Kanhangad was a Great Soul and not one of those Godmen.
Japa Yoga

Repetition of any Mantra or Name of the Lord is known as Japa. Japa is an important Anga of Yoga. It is a spiritual food for the hungry soul. Japa is the rod in the hand of the blind Sadhakas (aspirants) to plod on the road to Realization. Japa is the philosopher's stone or divine elixir that makes one God-like. In this iron age, practice of Japa alone can give eternal Peace, Bliss and Immortality.
Types of Japa
1. Manasika Japa - Mental repetition.
2. Vaikhari Japa - Verbal or loud repetition.
3. Upamshu Japa.- Repetition in a whisper or humming.
4. Likhita Japa - Writing down daily in a notebook.

In most Brahmin families there is a tradition of Likhita Japa. I remember the days when all of us had individual notebooks where we wrote down Sri Rama Jayam or Om Namah Sivayah. The notebooks were all collected later and kept by my mother. When I constructed my new house, they were all (a huge number) buried under the flooring of that place in my Puja Room where the Vigrahas are placed.

I got this idea from the Swamiji in Udipi Krishna temple (Pejawar Math, I think. I am not sure) who gave us a copy of the Bhagavd Gita, told us to copy the slokas in a notebook and send it to him. He used these notebooks as foundation for the Mandapa he was constructing.

If you want to learn about Japa, its benefits and the detailed instructions about the procedure, please visit Swami Sivananda's


The quotes and information given here are all from Swamiji's teachings.
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The power of nama japam

Sri Nacchinarkiniyan,

Apropos your brief write-up on nama japam, please permit me to say that
Sri Anna KrishnaPremi, Sri Muralidhara Swamigal and Sri Jayakrishna dikshitar
are now popularising nama japam. We can have further details from their
Sir, there is an interesting anecdote narrated by N.R.Krishnamurthy Iyer of
Madurai about chanting of "RamRam". In short , while he was in Sri
Ramanashram, he came across the book ' Yoga Vasistha ', wherein it is said
that " Between two thoughts there is an interval of 'No thought'. That
interval is the Self, the Atman. It is Pure Awareness only ". The rest of
the story can be had from the following link sir :


Sir, you are a great scholar and I feel I am holding a candle before Sun.
Excellent site Mr.Nacchi !

Good insight into Japa /meditation and the power of mantras !
Early morning 4 AM , when the mind is calm !
Purifies mind ! Worth a try !

Continue ur great service !
Ganapathi Bappa moriya !

Ranganthan , what is the ideology behind creating a vikraham of a vinayagar
and then immersing it in the sea after a few days ??
I always wanted to know!
The power of Naama japam

Dear Vijisesh,

At the time of performing any puja, we propitiate Lord Ganesa. We make
a small idol out of manjal powder ( turmeric powder ), cone-shaped and
pray for the successful completion of the main puja. HE removes all the
obstacles which come in our way. Also, HE creates obstacles (vignam)
to any force that may come in your way !
On the occasion of Ganesa chathurthi, the idols are normally made of clay.
On the next day we do punarpoojai and in the evening immerse the idol
in the well ( in olden days every house had a well in the backyard ) or in
the nearby tank or in the sea if anyone resides near the sea-shore. As far
as my knowledge goes , since it is not possible to store the idols year
after year in the house, we do visarjan. HE came to us from clay and
gets back to it, perhaps. Another reason attributed to immersion in the
sea is that HE is immersed in the ocean of Consciousness ! More than this
I am unable to get any other information.
Tilak, one of the ardent freedom-fighters, truncated this to ten days and
made it a social function with a view to unite the people under the
umbrella of 'Bhakti' to fight for freedom. That is why this function is
celebrated on a grand scale in Maharashtra.
The power of Naama japam

Sri Namdev, a Maharastra saint, in his book ' The philosophy of the Divine
Name ', has said that the all-pervading nature of the name can only be
understood when one recognizes one's own self. When one's own name is
not recognized, it is impossible to get the all-pervading name.

Bhagawan Sri Ramana , in reply to a query about 'Nama japa', quoted
the above passage from Saint Namdev's book and added that surrender
to God is essential for Naama japa. Some excerpts from Bhagawan's
conversation with a devotee appear here :


The gist is that one must become the Name itself ultimately.
Namajapa and meditation are really good... While i am doing that i feel that i am @ heven with light body... once u are doing that ur inhale and exale of air goes slowly down and become equalise... at that time u can not feel about ur body or any other thing in the world... one time i went more that that level... but i can reach to some extent... but i want to go to top level like samadi or eruvikalpa samadi..when u are at that stage ur ego will be down and ego is null.. really excellent due to my work schedules i could not able to do more number of hours (japa and meditation)
The power of nama japa

Dear Mr.Sriniranga,

Excellent. As you go along, you might get some siddhis ( super-human
powers ). Please do not get carried away by them. Ignore them.

Please note that meditation is different from concentration. Concentration
is the first stage.

In meditation, you start by chanting a mantra or try to sit quiet thus
forcing yourself to do or not to do something. You have only
forced the mind to become still. It is forced stillness. Anything created
by force erupts suddenly.

Of course without effort you will never reach IT. And with effort no one
has reached IT , since the sense of doership remains. The doer remains.

In true meditation, the meditator is not. When the mind, the ego ,
falls with all its activities, the unknown enters. The mind must cease
for GOD to be.

You are doing something now and have progressed to some extent. I
do not want to disturb you. Go along the same way even while travelling,
working or doing normal chores of life. Best of luck !
As per my practise first i will start Ram Ram then automatically my mind will concentrate on my inhale and exale of air from bottom to top... Their is nothing to force the things... every thig is happening automatically... first i will forgotten ram once started realising of air inhale and exale... after some time my concentration goes to heart now i could not able to feel inhale and exale of air... slowly slowly my concentrations also goes out of null world.. but i can be their for few minutes like 5 or 10 minutes only... some time back i felt like some thing goes out and rome across the world... that i could not about to get it after at that when i came out of meditation i could not realise the room and my even my house for 15 to 20 minutes... slowly i regoonize me after that... but i was feared at that time about that incident... after that i am enthu to go to that position but i could not able to do because of lot of work disterbances... etc...let see diffnately i belive god will take me to that extent again in my life after some period of time
sir if u have experience like that pls share with me... i dont know what will happen that... what will be out position after that... i am really enthu on that... basic problem is if i start doing that i am more detached from surroundings... so i feel that i am going away from my parents and others... so i stopped meditation for some time... but weekly 2 i am doing that to make my mind to take clear decisions...
Nama Japa can be done by anyone. But if you are going to do Meditation you need a proper teacher. Higher meditation has to be done under proper supervision.

Meditation involves Kundalini. So it requires caution. Otherewise the results may be unpleasant to say the least.
The power of nama japa

Dear Mr.Sriniranga,

You do not worry. Visions, music in the ears etc occur as you proceed.
Please do not get distracted by these phenomena. Whatever you do,
you must not stop it midway. With the passage of time, these things
fall by the wayside.
I was just wondering , Meditation at higher levels, invoking Kundalini - Bigger things people talk about - Is it similar to Years of Meditation sages in the myths have done to reach GOD !
What is the maximum number of hours / days perhaps !! , an average human can sit and meditate ? or who has the entry into the Guinness Book of Records , for this category ?
Seems really Difficult especially when some aroma of South Indian Delicacy being cooked , is in the air while doing meditation !!
I am not good at these things, but while I tried once, I saw some golden lights like an orb, and also felt an upward pull on top of my head. Sometimes, I also see blue lights.
Dear Mr.Ranganathan ji,

Thanks for the link to the article , it is very informative !

Really Appreciate the Patience exercised by some people like you who
are way ahead in such practices and yet put up a modest outlook and continue to do service !

Whenever the phrase , Katrathu kadugalavu ........ is in the minds of a pupil , the windows of his brain are left open and he can keep learning a lot of things for the rest of his Life ! and venture into new areas of interest !

You are far from being a ' Novice ', pl Keep up the good work !

Dear Mr. Vijisesh,

Instead of my explaining to you ( I am a novice ), I thought I can
direct you to Swami Bhajanananda, who has written a nice article
on this subject which can be read at the following site :


I am glad to be of some service to you, regards.
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