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The magic of spiritual energy

My personal experience of Swami Mukthananda and his Guru Swamy Nithyananda are really enlightening. How our prayers take us to a higher level of understanding. We are a product of emotional and attachment commodity. Many a times our problems doesn't see the light of solutions because we get catch up emotions and attachment.
To overcome it you need to overcome it. Keep emotions under control so that will not affect you.
Secondly spiritual prayer is a continuous activity. It will yield the fruits of God at the right time but unexpectedly.
It is just like each variety of vegetables, fruits and flowers has a time bound journey to grow and then yield abundantly.
Prayers should be a part of our life.
Sir there is emotion to this as I have been personally affected. But more than that or even much more than that is the need to teach the culprits that technology is only a means and that too to be employed for good and not the end in itself. They are supremely confident of their technology, which has been getting eroded in recent times, that they let technology think for them.

This is a much larger problem striking at the heart of societal well being and not only a problem of personal grievance.
I have immense spiritual power but I use it responsibly unlike the culprits whose power is minuscule compared to the spiritual power think they are above God and play with the happiness and lives of many. They think noone dare question or oppose them which is what needs to be disabused.
The reason why my spiritual power is not known publicly is that it is being opposed by technology and is operating at a level just enough to counter it. That is needed because God who is behind this does not have the need to show His power but only to make them realise their mistakes. So the whole thing is being handled with subtlety and imperceptibility that positive changes in them happen in a sub conscious way. It is necessary that they are not simply overwhelmed.

But I think the end is near and people will know a lot about this soon.
The problem with me is my body is spiritual. Of course my mind is spiritual too. The body's spirituality is different from mind's spirituality. Mind's is what we typically associate with spirituality. Peaceful, harmonious etc etc. Body's is a different ball game. It is the ugra counterpart of the mind. On adharma the body spontaneously reacts that way. It is still to reach its full sponataneous potential because of the ongoing saga and need to be understated. but once it reaches full spirituality it is Lord Muruga Himself.
Body is also associated with Lord Narasimha and Lord Hanuman with Maritian energy strongly prevailing in me. But they are more likely to play cameo roles.
But strong influence of Jupiter too and it's strong relationship with Mars probably chanelling the Martian energy in a constructive way

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