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The legislative dangers of election year


Well-known member
It is arguably the most inconvenient thing for elections to have to be scheduled in a year when several contentious Bills are pending in the Rajya Sabha, including but not restricted to the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill and the triple talaq Bill.

It is typical of the protagonists in the election to dangle carrots at those sections of the populace that are most likely to influence its outcome.

Conveniently, the most marginalised groups don’t bring in the votes. Chances are that they may not find the time or transport to even vote. And therefore, they are the perfect pawns in the game.

The parties are then free to appease the most powerful among various majorities and minorities.

the websites of newspapers and 24-hour news channels eager to report anything that sounds sensational, parties need not even make the high command’s intentions known, let alone act on their promises if they are elected.

All a party needs is for someone who can later be called to order to make a dramatic pronouncement.

Read more at: http://www.sify.com/news/the-legislative-dangers-of-election-year-news-columns-tclpeNiaadffd.html

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