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The curious case of high blood pressure around the world

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[h=1]The curious case of high blood pressure around the world[/h]A new study challenges received wisdom about the causes of high blood pressure

[h=3]Graphic detail[/h]Jan 13th 2017by THE DATA TEAM

ONE in eight deaths worldwide is due to high blood pressure. The condition is the main risk factor for heart and kidney disease, and it greatly increases the chances of a stroke. A new study published in the Lancet, a medical journal, shows how common it is—and challenges some received wisdoms.
Globally, about a fifth of women and a quarter of men have high blood pressure. It is commonly thought of as a disease of affluence. But the data say otherwise. Central and eastern Europe have the highest rates for men, while the highest rates for women are in sub-Saharan Africa. Prevalence is lowest in rich Western and Asian countries, including South Korea, America and Canada. In only 36 countries high blood pressure is more common in women than in men. Nearly all of them are in Africa.

The well-known causes of high blood pressure include lack of exercise, being overweight, and diets that include too much salt and alcohol and not enough fruit and vegetables (which are a source of potassium, linked with lower blood pressure). More recently, studies have implicated early-life nutrition and exposure to lead, air pollution and noise as things that may push blood pressure up later in life. The lack of a year-round supply of fresh produce in eastern Europe could be one reason why rates there are so high. The greater parity between men and women in Africa could be due to poor nutrition in utero and in early childhood. Trends over time also suggest that the role of nutrition and a cleaner environment may be more important than previously thought: the study found that blood-pressure levels in rich countries had begun to fall before detection and treatment became widespread, and continued to fall even as waistlines grew wider and wider. All of this suggests that efforts to curb blood pressure need to start much earlier in life and go beyond treatment and changes in individual lifestyles.



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Interesting statistics on Blood Pressure.
Here is the Advise of ancient science of Ayurveda quoted by the eminent Cardiologist " Padmabhushan" Dr.B.M.Hegde, in his article:

"A glance at the following stanza will convince one about the ancient eastern thinking in this field.

“Khrodha Shoka Bhaya Aayaasa Virudhanna Bhojana Thaponnalan,
Katwaamla Lavana Theekshnonathi Raktha Pitta Prakopayeth”

Anger, sorrow, fear, exhaustion, wrong type of food, sedentary living, acidic diet, salt, too much of condiments in diet, will eventually lead on to all the disturbances in every system of the body.

The emphasis of the effect of the mind on the body is so great in Ayurveda that one finds a pivotal role for the mind in the causation of all diseases:
Prasanna aathma indriya manaha swastha ithyabhideeyathe.

Happiness of the soul, senses, and the mind would ensure good health for all times."



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in allopathy ....we treat body...not the mind....in ayurveda....we try treat body with mind...


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Believe me..when it comes to health its very hard to predict.

Even one who leads a life like a saint gets diseases etc.

Hard to predict.
Even Swamijis get cancer.

Seen so many Ayurvedic and Yoga practiotioners land up in hospital with Diabetes and Hypertension despite adhering to a near perfect lifestyle.

Life style helps to a certain extent to keep disease at bay but not always it helps.

Best is just live and accept the fact that anything can happen despite the best of effort and be mentally preared for any worst case scenario.
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Life style helps to a certain extent to keep disease at bay but not always it helps.

Best is just live and accept the fact that anything can happen despite the best of effort and be mentally prepared for any worst case scenario.

True words Doctor,
I agree a person's birth and life are great mystery. Very difficult to analyse or predict. Grand old man Sri Rajaji a strict disciplinarian in every sense lived for 98 years, so also his good friend, Grand old man of Dravidian movement, who defied every norm, lived for 98 years ! No one can explain the vagaries of nature. Better to accept the fact and live as a good human.

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