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The Corona warning


Well-known member
Corona is just a mild frown from nature. Compared to the human population of about 800 crores, the number of deaths is insignificant. And most deaths happen only in the case of old or sick people. This mild Frown from nature has put all economies in turmoil. And in this little opportunity nature is returning to full bloom, all animals are freely and happily roaming in the forests and people are treated to the songs and music from birds. Your macro body can take you to rapture if only given a little chance. But can you leave economics and at least substitute it with Ecology?
Economics is the monstrous perversion that studies human life as the life of humans made mechanical. The economic man, the terrible phantom made real by economics is a monster concerned only with the satisfaction of his unlimited wants and who for that uses and abuses nature terribly. Economic life means, the controlled destruction of nature. In the Micro Economics of, we have only four sections---consumption of nature, the destruction of nature euphemized as production, where nature is tailored for human greed, the market value fixation, and the distribution of wealth or killed nature among the human beings.
But there is simply no chapter about the Rights of Nature.
Same is the case with Macro Economics which deals only with the employment and incomes of human beings. We have the income multiplier, the employment multiplier, the price multiplier etc,but there is no multiplier that calculates the destruction of nature.
As it is more than 1/3rd of the forests of the world are destroyed and their destruction and the al round destruction of nature is called economic growth.
Corona is a very mild warning. Either you care for nature or be ready for more severe viruses.
The value of life and existence of human species is very much dependent on how close you are close to nature. The earler the realisation it is better for human race. A great awakening has to come irrespective who you are.


Well-known member

everything is RIGHT TO LIVE on earth....nature is great gift to mankind....other wise same nature will

destroy the human kind too...its lesson for CORONA....SELF SUFFICIENT IS KEY MANTRA OF CORONA...

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