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It seems that Deivam Thandha means 'God-given.' Dina Thanthi is 'daily news'. In an expression Kuti Thanda, it appears that kuti is a Buddhist house for monks next to a temple. Then could you suggest what kuti thanda may mean? Would it be a meeting place to give a teaching?
OK 8 views so far...add a new question..
If Nagabana is a temple , "place of the snake", then does Nagara bana have the meaning "place of a temple"?
thank you.
Kati Thanda is the Australian Aboriginal name for Lake Eyre and means "meeting place of bosses ". The crocodile monster and water-springs there are Kadimarkara .( khadi makara?) The language is Ngara bana and a nearby people are Adnyamathanha , "people of the rocks " in a dry, rocky land -
(Adhanya ma thantha?).
This is strange. Over 50 people have viewed this and probably all speak Tamil.
Why would a person read a thread about language with no intention of making a comment?
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