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What are the implications of this? Looking at it from afar, this seems like a bad idea. what is the politics involved? I do not understand the whole picture. Can someone elaborate?



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hi folks,
Telegana is another creation of congress vote bank....erstwhile
Nizam state...which is mostly muslim community....still its a
new avatar to satisfy muslim vote bank of congress...next
vidharbha of maharshtra...next gorkhaland of west bengal...
every action has opposite and equal reaction...Newton's
third law....may be separate rayalaseema in andhra pradesh...
who knows.............my 2 cents...



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Smaller states have prospered better in the long run. But in the short run, they are at disadvantage position.

In the Andhra/Telengana issue, there is no city in the Andhra/Royalaseema region can match Hyderabad which falls under Telengana region.

Andhra was formed by spliting the Nizam state and carving out telugu speaking areas of Madras Province in the early fiftees. Telegana problem started way back in 1969 itself.

Forming lignuistic states was considered as the best solution by Pandit Nehru & his team. Today linguistic states have started splitting. UP was split into Uttranchal & UP, Bihar into Bihar and Jharkand, Madya Pradesh into MP and Chattisgar. All these states are Hindi speaking states.

Then not why not split Andhra into Coastal Andhra, Telegana and Royalaseema?

Konkani region and Coorg region may want to split from Karnataka.

Already Thevar and Vanniar communities wants to split Tamilnadu into south and north.

The best thing is to form a state reorganisation committee consisting of various experts, get inputs from all concerned stake holders and decide each and every case on the merits.

Government of India has slept over the matter for long time without going for the above exercise.

Let us hope that better sense prevails atleast now.

All the best
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i am not so sure about vote banks issue here.

andhra, during the states reorganization, was a majority telugu speaking state. it did not matter, where the erstwhile parts came from.

same goes for tamil nadu and other states.

Telangana - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

this above wikipedia entry, gives many details, though i find it a bit biased towards telengana.

it is all a matter of comparative development. parts of any state feels neglected, and has grievances, many of them legitimate, and supported by facts.

the old nizam part was underdeveloped. even though hyderabad itself has grown to be on par with chennai or bangalore, the hinterlands are feudal in nature. add to it poor crops, mismanagement, corruption and you have a perfect formula for demand for change & reforms.

the maoists are very active in telengana. that should be a matter of concern to everyone.


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telengana i believe was a seperate state before the andhra merger. the issue in my view is about who gets hyderabad which as shri kunjuppu has observed has developed on par with a chennai and bengaluru.

harish salve, a leading advocate of supreme court rightly observed in a televised debate that the decision to grant statehood to telengana may have opened a pandora's box.

the formation of states earlier had considerations of language, culture et all but now he regrets that statehood is granted based on hunger strikes.

telengana has also given new lease of life to other statehood demands such as gorkhaland, maru pradesh, harit pradesh, vidharba et all.

having said that, i do believe that smaller states are better, theoretically for governance. it also affords the congress to provide "retirement options" to some of it's senior loyalists by giving them gubernatorial posts. arjun singh for example.

congress may have unwittingly solved mu.ka's problem. he may not have to make a tough choice between stalin and azhagiri. if efforts to bring an understanding between them fails, he has the option of bifurcation or better even trifurcation of tamil nadu.

hows the idea of chera, chozha and pandiya tamil nadu. :)

he may even coax congress to become the governor for one of the states. :)


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I want to add some unique features of Telangana.

1. Telengana is a dry belt, with no dams or irrigation network (canals), even though
2 major rivers areflowing through this region (Krishna and Godavari).

2. Drought is a very common phenomenon and even drinking water is not available in
interior parts of this region.

3. Feudalism was rampant until 1970s and its impact has subsided in the recent past
after the introduction of Land Ceiling Act etc.

4. Here, most of the population is poor and lower middle class (approx. 70%). Upper
middle class will be about 10% and the rest are rich landlords, mostly reddys.
Vysyas come next in terms of dominant caste. Kamma Naidus are later migrants
from coastal Andhra Pradesh, during the last 100 years mostly and they are less
than 5 % of the population. Brahmins also live here and there.

5. In terms of housing, sanitation, health, education, transport and communication, other
infrastructure like airports, highways etc., Telangana is poorly planned and equipped.

6. Because of extreme poverty and absence of adequate employment opportunities,
naxals could easily brainwash the rural poor and spread their dangerous network
in this region. (Once it was gradually eradicated, but in 1980s the naxals could
stage a come back). They are called 'annalu' (elder brothers).

Their writ only runs in many interior pockets of telangana. Singareni collieries is
their another outfit.

7. Except Hyderabad, all other district capitals also looked like a bigger village until
late 1990s. Only after Chandrbabu Naidu came to power, the urban pockets got a facelift
and better connectivity by road and rail. The all India boom in the telecommunication
sector in the last 10 years helped this region to grow better, but not on an even
pace with the rest of the state.

8. Agriculture exists only for name sake. Major crops raised are jowar, groundnuts,
sunflower, papaya etc. Rice is cultivated in certain pockets.

9. Once upon a time, i.e. before 1950s, Muslims constituted more than 40% of the
total population and the older generation Hindus also were able to speak, read and write
Urdu. But, especially after NTR came to power in 1983, there was a systematic
migration of Hindus from other parts of the state, mainly coastal Andhra to
Hyderabad. Thus, the demographic pattern was greatly altered in the last 25
years. Now, Hindus population will be over 75% and the Muslims less than 20%.

10. Hyderabad, particularly old city, has slowly become a haven for Islamic
fundamentalists and jehadists during the last 15 years (after Kashmiri problem
became heightened and serious).

Coming to the larger question 'why Telangana is demanded as the only panacea
for all the ills plaguing the people of this region?', there is a widespread feeling that
Telugus from coastal A.P. are exploiting the local people for their own ends. It has
been proved time and again, there is an indirect discrimination in jobs, industries etc.
between Telangana people and other Andhras. Knowing no other way to fight those
powerful Andhras, educationally,economically, politically and socially, the movement
for a separate Telangana took firm roots and started spreading faster.

My views:

Although there is substance in the grievances of Telangana people, the solution must have been quicker, time-bound economic and socio-geographical development of this region, by investing at least 20,000 crores of rupee. But, successive governments of Congress and Telugu Desam never felt the need for it. And it has been considered an act of continued betrayal.

Now, the counter agitations have started in other parts of the state. I do not know where all this will lead to. Ultimately, the Rayalaseema also may be formed, leaving coastal Andhra alone. Thus, the unified Andhra may be split into 3 states.

The question on the status of Hyderabad-Secunderabad is already there. Then, the language issue also may come to the fore. Muslims may demand official status for Urdu also in Telangana region.

Another important implication is for the growth of I.T. sector. Many MNCs may have second thoughts about starting new establishments or expanding their operations here.

Finally, creation of Telangana state will pave way similar demands for creation of more smaller states in various other parts of the country - for example, Vidarbha, Coorg, Gorkhaland, Bundelkhand, Poorvanchal etc. All of them will lead to huge wastage of public money and unhealthy competition amongst various states of India.

The coming months and the next 2 year period will be going to be very tough and troublesome, marked by bloodshed, arson and some suicides/murders, which will certainly affect one batch of student community. This is what makes me sad.
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yes with madurai, thirukuvaLai and chennai as the capitals? :)
You have to split Tamilnadu into four.

There are four claimants to the chair.
Stalin, Azhagiri, Tamiarasu and Kanimozhi

Best solutions to solve family problem is to split the state into four. Probably you can add Coimbatore also since Tamilarasu is headquartered in Coimbatore

All the best
The Telengana problem is not new. It has been going on for nearly fifity to sixty years. The manipulative politics of Congress and other politicinans that indulge in short term political gains have aggravated the problem. Venkat


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personally, i see no problem, with my rather limited perspective, about dividing into smaller states, within the realm of the indian union.

the usa with 1/4 our population has 50 states. it is a functioning democracy.

but maybe it will be good to have some guidelines to qualify for splitting.

ie a referendum with atleast 51% of the population. ie not 51% of those who bothered to vote, but a majority of the voters.

they are easier to administer, definitely. also, maybe, all the 5 major cities can be states by themselves, as these have an economy bigger than many of their hinterland.

this is one good way, to spread the wealth generated through economic development. moreover, from a pure TB viewpoint, i can see that politicians eager to focus on development, will hopefully have less time to indulge in பிராமண துவேஷம்.

it is indeed ridiculous, that u.p. has a population of 160 million people. how can a minister sitting in far away lucknow, ever know what is happening in southern u.p. bordering madhya pradesh?

more states, will give india a true meaning, of a union in diversity.

jai telengana! jai gurkhaland! jai பாண்டி நாடு !

having said the above, without invoking old raison d'etre, can people give reasons as to why states must NOT be split?


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You have to split Tamilnadu into four.

There are four claimants to the chair.
Stalin, Azhagiri, Tamiarasu and Kanimozhi

Best solutions to solve family problem is to split the state into four. Probably you can add Coimbatore also since Tamilarasu is headquartered in Coimbatore

All the best
It is something like splitting the family property??
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