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SVAMITVA, powered by drones in sky, can change lives in rural India


Well-known member
Today, the Prime Minister of the country will inaugurate the “SVAMITVA” project, which is one of the most important steps towards changing the future of rural areas.

Unfortunately, even after Independence, no effort was made to either demarcate the abadi land or create ownership rights there.

Due to the absence of any kind of ownership records or demarcation of abadi land, whenever a dispute arose about possession, drainage, or boundary, the parties had to approach the civil court to settle these differences. These civil disputes, according to a survey conducted recently, takes an average of about 20 years to be settled. This leads to the tremendous harassment by the parties involved in such cases.

Not only this, according to experts, out of the total number of cases pending in the civil courts of our country, at least 40 percent of the cases are related to the disputes concerning the abadi land, which will run in crores.

This is the backdrop against which the Panchayati Raj department of the central government initiated the SVAMITVA project. The exercise to demarcate land of all the people living within the rural abadi area and determine their ownership holds the potential of changing the dynamics of rural areas. This one step will help settle crores of cases pending in our courts for years. And prevent new ones from coming up. The records related to the ownership of the land will also help the rural population in many ways and promote the rural economy

The objective of this “SVAMITVA” scheme is to provide an integrated asset verification solution for rural India. Under this scheme, the land of the residents in rural abadi areas will be demarcated using the latest survey methods including drones in collaboration with the Ministry of Panchayati Raj, State Revenue Departments and Survey of India.

This will also enable village households to use their homes as a financial asset for loans and other financial benefits as well as provide a record of the property rights of rural areas. The Survey of India, under this project, will survey the entire abadi area in every village by use of drones and other advanced technology to prepare a database of the entire site. The local representatives of the revenue department like the patwari, revenue inspectors etc. and representatives of other allied departments will prepare a record of the ownership of the people in the presence of the inhabitants. Along with this, a detailed arrangement has been made to settle disputes, if any, on the spot. The methodology of mapping, and preparation of land rights records has been tested on pilot basis in some villages and based on the experience so far, it can be said that people have overwhelmingly welcomed and appreciated this effort. This epoch-making scheme has immense possibilities for the future and will prove to be a game changer for the rural population of our country.


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