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Suspended over sexual harassment complaints at work, Noida techie commits suicide


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NOIDA (UP): A 35-year-old senior executive of a global IT company, who was temporarily suspended following complaints of sexual harassment at workplace, allegedly committed suicide at his Noida home, police said on Thursday. Swaroop Raj, an assistant vice-president in Genpact, was found hanging from the ceiling fan by his wife at their Sector 137 home on Wednesday, police said.

Raj was barred by the company from taking any official work pending inquiry into the allegations made against him by two employees recently, police said.

He had joined the company in 2007 and was promoted to the senior post recently, they said.

Police reached the spot and sent his body for postmortem after being informed about the incident, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Gautam Buddh Nagar Ajay Pal Sharma said.

The SSP said, a purported suicide note was also found from the spot which was addressed to his wife. In the note, Raj claimed that the allegations against him were "baseless" but people would "look at him with the same eye even if he comes clean".

"I want to let you know how much I love you. Two of the employees have alleged me with sexual harassment but trust me I didn't do anything. I know the world will understand this but, you and our families should trust me. The allegations are baseless and the entire Genpact will soon know about it," the letter read.

"I don't have the courage to face everyone. I want you to be strong and live your life with respect, your husband has not done anything. I am leaving as everyone will look at me with eyes of disgust even if I come clean," the note read.

Confirming the temporary suspension, Genpact condoled the death but maintained that it would prefer to protect the privacy of Raj and not divulge the details of the complaint.

"The complaint made serious allegations of sexual harassment which are being duly investigated by the Internal Complaints committee (ICC). To have a fair, uninfluenced inquiry, he was placed under temporary suspension pending the closure of the inquiry in line with legal requirement and company policy so that ICC could carry out a reasonable investigation into the allegations received from two female employees," a company spokesperson told .

He further said, "This is a very difficult time for all of us, as an organisation and as friends and colleagues of the deceased our hearts go out to his family in this time of grief. We implore the public and media to give them the space and dignity they deserve."

No complaint has been made by the family of the deceased but taking cognisance of the matter, the police is probing the matter on their own, SSP Sharma said.


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Sad case.

There has to be mediation facility that assures privacy while sexual harassment issues are investigated.
This metoo movement is for the betterment of the society I think but I am afraid it may be abused by a few. That will bring down truly deserving cases.

Some times complaints are lodged for public shaming of some. I hope this case is fully investigated to find out what happened.


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I am sorry for Mr. Swaroop Raj and everyone involved, and men in general.
I understand Me Too movement has given voice to the oppressed.

As a man, I am more careful now (actually scared) in the company of women.

Yes, there should be a mechanism to investigate in Privacy every incident.
But that may not happen.
Yes, there will be innocent men caught in this web, and that is deplorable.
But the crime of sexual harassment is Terrible and devastating to the oppressed.
There are no perfect systems.

So I suppose there is a trade-off.

When we spray insecticide in our Garden to kill pests, sometimes helpful Insects like honey bee too get killed.
We have to improve the insecticide and spraying methods. But can never find a perfect agent.


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“Me, Too.”

Meant to amplify instances of sexual assault, and prompted by the innumerable Harvey Weinstein victims, women who believe themselves victims of such an instance have been encouraged by their peers to mark themselves by posting “me too” on their social media platforms. Some posts go in to great detail, others simply post those two little words.

Though it may be genuinely well-intentioned, “me too” unfairly maligns men and perpetuates victimhood in the worst ways. Telling only one side of the story, without proof, and without providing the accused party opportunity to defend themselves is hardly a pathway to progress.

Part of the problem lies in defining ‘sexual assault’. Unlike days of yore, sexual assault now could be anything from conversation that’s suggestive in nature all the way up to violent rape, depending on who you talk to. Unwanted jokes, being asked out on a date by someone with whom you’re not interested — any of these once commonplace occurrences could now be construed as sexual assault. When cat calls are viewed as tantamount to rape, nothing about this sexual assault conversation can or should be taken seriously.

Whether intended or not, the end result is the blanket maligning of the entirety of maledom and the implication that everyone with a Y chromosome ought to repent for their original sin of being born male.

It’s the ultimate man-shaming.

[FONT=&quot]No one is contesting the veracity of the “me too” stories, nor is there an effort here or elsewhere to delegitimize or demean actual instances of sexual assault. What is being and should be evaluated is whether this viral conversation is productive or inadvertently destructive.[/FONT]
Typical of most progressive issues, arguments are created where none exists. No one, absolutely no one is arguing that women, by virtue of being born so, are doomed to a life replete with unwanted advances. Yet that’s the implication. “We must fight this nonexistent expectation!” is hardly a rallying cry for change.[/FONT]

Being victimized is not a choice. Choosing a life of victimhood and leaning on past traumas as solely defining events is just that, a choice.

Likewise, shaming men and disallowing their perspective is a choice and one not seriously interested in change.[/FONT]



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Often there is gap in understanding between men and women on what constitutes 'sexual harassment' and 'exceeding the limits'. What is an innocuous gesture to a man might be seen as an inappropriate advance by a lady.

See this.


From the survey, about one in 20 women "always" perceive "asking a colleague for lunch" as sexual harassment

On the other hand, it is amazing that, 30% of women and 50% of men surveyed don’t view asking for sexual favours as sexual harassment
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I am sorry for Mr. Swaroop Raj and everyone involved, and men in general.
I understand Me Too movement has given voice to the oppressed.

As a man, I am more careful now (actually scared) in the company of women.
From personal experience, I have come to believe in "repetitive karmic patterns" in life.

This unfortunate person whose suicide was apparently caused by female colleagues, could have faced issues with women in his place of karma, in the past.

If a person has Venus in the tenth house (karma sthana) of his horoscope, he will have to deal with women in all areas of karma. There is no escaping that. But how the relationship will be, is determined by whether Venus is benefic or malefic in his chart.

In my experience, I have seen great kindness and support from female bosses, colleagues at my workplace(s) all through my career, until now. It is just the kind of pattern that you cannot ignore after a while. (Though I came to know the astrological angle only recently).

I am not asking people to blindly believe in astrology. But if someone is afraid of dealing with women, due to fear of false allegations like the above, looking at such patterns from past experiences, might provide a clue.
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