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Sri Ramachandramurthy was born in Chitrai (Mesha Masam), Navami Thithi and Punarvasu Nakshatra. Bhagvan's horoscope presented to me by a POOJYA swami indicates like this. But generally Ram anavami is celebrated in Panguni month, Navami thithi. Is there any significance for this ?


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Only in TN and Kerala we follow this system of 12 months from chithirai to panguni while other parts of country follows after ugadhi each amavasya will be their starting month and according to them it is chithra month only and I hope that is the reason that Navami followed this amavasya is ram jenma and hence this is celebrated today.

As the days count between tamil month and their months will be adjusted in every 3 years they have called athithi month.

Even today you google it for other Panchangam like telugu kannada it will be shown as chithra only.
Sorry it is called adigha
Sir, while celebrating according to Kannada or Telugu month ( ie assuming month as chaitra according to their calendar) the position of the Sun will be in Meena Rasi and not in Mesha. In the horoscope of Sri Ramachandramurthy the SUN is in Mesha rasi. Whichever panchangam we follow, on the day of celebration or Pooja of Rama Navami, the SUN should be in Mesha and not in Meena. Today 2nd April 2020 (chait a month according to Telugu calendar) we celebrate Ramanavami. The Sun is still in Meena Rasi and not is Mesha Rasi. Only this confusion made me to ask the query. v.s.rajamani


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Though I quoted as telugu or Kannada as examples even in north they celebrate at par with ugadhi as hindu new year with different names. So in Ayodhya too the Chaitra started and this navami only for ram jenma.

If you see next year ram navami celebrations, it is on April 21 after ugadhi in April 13th. That means the adhigha month comes.

(On the lighter note it may be like those who born in leap year feb 29th). So I presume as per Valmiki's description even when Ram born it would be after this adhigha month and hence it should be followed the chaithra month of hindu year which is followed in most of the places of the country including Ayodhya. So whenever the same adhigha month comes Rama Navami too coincides with chaithra month and also the sun transit in mesham.

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